Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Struggling to Stay Alive

No news polls will be put up until I resub my order account, which should be soon... I hope.

I play my dok and I get overwhelmed by a "HEY TROOF, YOU BE BORED, WAY BORED"

I've been wanting to return to my order account for forever now, haven't really got around too it and I'm broke for a few days.

No worries though! The TROOF will be back! WITH WEAPONS!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas all



Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Art of 'Oh, I don't want to go into the city, I have lockouts'

The Situation: Your alliance buddies are like, "HEY... YOO, COME DO CITY WITH US, WE'RE SURE TO FAIL WIN"

Of course, you DO NOT want to go into the city... City is fun and all... when you're with a rr 70 premade... wait.. no... even then it's not fun... It's fun when you win gear.. YES! That's it, it's fun when you win gear! How can you win this gear every time you roll? Well.. we have a special guest with us here today. Please welcome... THE RANK 34 THAT WINS GOLD BAG ON EVERY SINGLE STAGE!!!

Oh he's not here? You say he's raging on the forums over how people in sovereign are rolling on keep bags?  Typical.

If there is anything I hate doing, (I'm being honest here) it's being dunked in a pool of dead frogs going into the city, when I have lockouts on every single stage.  I almost ALWAYS pug city (I find I get better chances than if I go in with say, a fast built so called 'premade') and I say about... 60% of the time I get a bad, bad instance against gorfangs most feared order players.  But 40% of the time I get a good instance... by good instance I mean win at least one stage, I only win all 3 stages.. maybe 10% of the time I pug, which isn't bad IMO.
Yes, it is a low number, but seriously, stage 3 lockouts for 3 days? (or something like that)  10% Is about the time I need for 3 days to go by.. maybe. But what am I waiting for? Each time it seems that I roll for warpforged and some rank 35 named Rastifusionator gets it (I swear, all early t4 people have weird names).  And then I do /cry and maybe to vent my anger I /t4 DO YOU LIKE KITTENS?!?! I LIKE KITTENS!!!
And here is an actual picture of me at the computer.

But really... what was I onto... Oh.. yeah, my ranting got away from me.  What I was going to say, is about 1/2 the people in my alliance will refuse to go into the city if they have lockouts, and me too, I admit it, I won't be like "OMGOMOGMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGOMG NOOOO I WILLL NOT GO INTO THE CITY BECAUSE I HAZ LOCKOUTS"
During IC seiges, I gank outside if I have lockouts
During Altdorf Seiges, I gank inside the city... being of no use to my team... yay dps doks?

But I rarely.. RARELY try hard when I have a stage 3 lockout, I know you're like "Dood... that's cold man" and I know.  I don't care.  Ok maybe I do.

In other news, I'm thinking of activating my order account again and making a Witch Hunter. YAY ME!!! I already have a rank 36 WH on badlands... but I never play it for some reason. So I'll make a new one on gorfang! (This is still a maybe, I don't think I want to put up with the 'HE PLAY ORDAR AGAIN?!?! HE CWOSSWELMAR!'
I've said it once, I'll say it again.
I consider myself a member of Order and destro, not just of destro.
And don't worry, even I were ever to feed info, I'm sure WIKILEAKS would rat me out :-D
And because today's post was so bland and boring for you guys, heres a picture <3

OH, and I found out who thekillaoftru was... <3
Rank up your WL please, I want to see YOU in t4 good friend <333333333333333333

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Seriously, get over it.

I keep seeing people that are like "WHY CAN'T I SURVIVE 55 GUARDS ANYMOAR?!?!"
And I just want to smack them, I swear, I am the only DoK who likes the nerf.  If you are a DoK who likes the nerf, tell me, please, tell me so I can not feel so alone anymore.
I picture the complaints kind of like...
But then...

And then everyone starts crying and is like "BUT... THEY GOT NARFED"

But I like the nerf, it's overdue and long needed.  Plus I enjoy having less doks.

In other news, I'm still wondering why I spent $15 on boring grinding and frustration

And in OTHER BIG NEWS I have found a wannabe that I somewhat admire.

So I was walking in praag this evening.. and I turn a corner, I see a white lion, a rank 11 white lion, I think
"LAWL, RANK 11 LION LOOK YUMMY FOOD (Unless he emotes me)"
But then I saw his name... and just stopped charging.. in shock..
This picture deserves a "LARGE" size... But holy crap.. WHO BE PLAYIN A JOKE ON ME?!?!

I one shotted him of course

Why.. thank you for the name?
I'm truly flattered.. especially on the coincidence you found me randomly in Praag...

Should Arisechicken start blogging again?

Yes: 25%
Hell Yes: 75%


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thehealeroftru only heals scrubs

That's because I'm dps spec, and I only heal myself.

YES! What started out as a joke has turned into my brand new shiny spec!  How did I go to dps spec so suddenly...

Thehealeroftru: Haha, guys, wouldn't it be funny if I went dps spec!??!
Guild: Yeah that'd be funny
Thehealeroftru: I'm goooonnnaa dooo ittttt (Starts converting heal sov over to dps sov)
Thehealeroftru: GAAAHHH just kidding!
Thehealeroftru: ... Wait a minute... I CAN'T CHANGE IT BACK TO HEAL!???!

And that is the tale of Thehealeroftru mutating into TheDPSoftru.

But, to celebrate me going dps spec, Mythic even made a game called 'dance dance prostitution' gave us fireworks to light in celebration of thehealeroftru finally going DPS spec.
Although, I must say, dps spec is a lot funner than I thought it would, especially it being forced dps spec.

I can one shot people! (as long as their below rank 20)

One ability I have found overpowered  Fun to use is the Last Stand ability, nothing feels better than running into the order warcamp and killing afkers for 10 seconds, and being immune to guards and other players. (I still can't seem to kill eka though... I blame nerfed buttons)

Although, I have found myself with many many many weaknesses, for instance, If you emote me,. I emote back and let you pass.

But, the biggest weakness I have, comes from when you turn into a skaven, you might think.

"Uh... tru, it's just skaven"
Oh no, it's much more than that.

THIS is what I see when you turn into a skaven.

Look! It fooled party dinosaur too!
Huzzah! Huzzah!

Hmm oh well.

Oh yeah, they're long overdue, very good changes IMO

Poll Results:
Should DoKs be nerfed?
Yes: 36%
Just you: 28%
No I have one: 12%

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Humorous Guide to The GUTTAR RUNNAR!!!

After the announcement by Mythic that my class is turning into a Rune Priest, I'll be playing my Skavenz more than ever!  Yay for losing your ability to play the class you leveled!!!
Well I suppose we should go over your Gutter Runner!

This is your Gutter Runner, he is what you'd expect if Dick Cheney and Larry King had a baby, assuming they could reproduce.
What? You're saying they're both guys? Oh, you are wrong, for Dick Cheney is neither.
Lets go over the different abilities your Gutter Runner has.

#1: Weeping Blade
Hey! This is the move you will be using the most as a Gutter Runnar!  This ability does about 450-500 damage average!  Yaaaay!

This is Weeping Blade when used with a secret nerfed buttons hack I found.
Ok ok.
Press X, circle circle, X, Up, down, L2, R2, L1, L3, Triangle
And that gives you Weeping Party Blade

EYYY It's our good friend Party Dinosaur btw, wwpd (We Wub Party Dinosaur)

#2: Spin Slash
The only move in the game (Besides Ravage) that looks like an angry 12 year old hitting someone

Can't really see the kidrage in just a screenshot... I wish I had fraps on my laptop.. it's on my normal computer and I can't transfer it down.. not that I've tried...  Oh god, right, the picture.  Well Tom, it seems we have a Gutter Runner stabbing an archmage, and a yellowish fellow happily watching the murder.  If anyone has any info on who this fellow is please contact 555-Meow-Yay, back to you Tom.

#3: Leap

My favorite ability in the game other than "/cheer".. oh wait, cheer is my macro.  Then yeah this is my favorite ability in the game

What a fantastic ability, it makes you jump over keep walls, over enemies, over the moon, over chuck norris (Almost).
Pro-tip: When you kill someone as a gutter runner and you have this move ready for you to use, you do "/S GUTTER GUTTER GUTTER RUNNAR.. AWAAAY!!!" then you use Leap, preferably over a keep wall, or just out of sight so you seem like a freaking amazing supar hero.

#4: Snare Net

What a good move!  When people are running away from your pulsing awesomeness, you throw this where they run and if it lands on them, then they are dealt 250 damage when they move, and I have killed 1/2 wbs with this ability I'm not even kidding

I would have shown you the aftermath of this screenshot, but.... order isn't so friendly when you snare net their healers.. and... Blood + Gore not allowed on this blog.... Ok maybe a bit... in the next screenshot.
But.. yeah.. pew pew snare net pew pew
#5: Gutter Run

AKA STEALTH! Now I have a screenshot.. somewhere..
Let me go! I'm making this up as I go.

and meow.

#6: Sabotage

Yeah who cares about Sabotage

#7: Running with the pack

Since stealth increases speed, this is absolutely pointless
Yeah, like this pointless.

And lastly, don't let your skaven get wasted or...

Graphics bugs For the WIN.

Poll Results 1.4 has been...
Fun: 22%
Ok: 27%
Boring: 13%
No Change: 4%

Friday, December 10, 2010

This is a post to feel space. No really. It is... Don't look... You know you don't want to..

In order to soothe your anger of my fail at posting, I'll post this picture of epic rat ogre charge.
I mean.. comon how awesome is this!! :D!!! A rat ogre running through a whole order zerg??!?! So what if I die immediatly after, it still makes me extremely happy.
Now frankly.. I have NOTHING to post about... THAT is how pathetic I am... I'm planning something big though... so... just wait...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Poll results:
Thehealeroftru's absence has been...
Devastating: 45%
Fantastic: 5%
Sad: 0%
not good: 0%
hope he didnt get bitten by a snake on a plane...: 50%


Sunday, December 5, 2010

And... my prediction FIALED

Hey! I set the bar too high, my internet still isn't worthy enough to play Warhammer.

Lets set this next bar for... a week from today.. maybe with luck, that will actually not be true and it'll take two days so I'll be happy disappointed

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have a serious bad internet connection problem, trying to get it fixed as fast as I can :-(

I'll still rotate the polls though. I should be good by sunday if not saturday.

How many city seiges a day would you like to see?

0: 8%
1: 29%
2: 33%
3+: 4%