Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Official "Goodbye"

Well, as I haven't been making blog posts lately it pretty much goes without saying that I'm not as active as I used to be. :(
So this is pretty much my official goodbye from blogging and super active pew pew playing.
I actually still check my blog stats and see how much views I get every now and again, and I'm surprised to say it's still over 1,000 in the past few months that I have been inactive, which flatters me. Whether you're looking for pictures of cats or just... looking cause you're bored I appreciate all the people who have come to my blog. I really honestly didn't think I would get over 500 views but hey, adding a cat here and there (particularly an obese kitteh) will boost views a bit, right? :-P

I would thank certain people for making my Warhammer experience extra awesome, but the list is too long and I'd undoubtedly leave out people that really deserve it (after all, everyone has made my experience better, and I can't remember everyone). And like... who cares what I think :P

I'll still be on Warhammer doing maybe a scenerio or two, but if you happen to see me in game, it will be on a t1-t3 alt whose name ends with "oftru".. most likely.

And as I say goodbye, I shall give you all a parting picture.

Very random indeed, but it is my obese kitteh and a turtal. A very ninja turtal