Friday, October 25, 2013


And as an official last post to anyone who may wander here from time to time...

Rest in Peace WAR.

I may have not played you much towards the end but Warhammer is still the game I've spent the most time on and loved the most.  I met so many friends on it and wish that the golden days could've lasted longer than they did.

On December 18, 2013 Warhammer Online will close its doors forever.

I can only hope that they'll release a non online version or something so I can do quests by myself and reminiscence about the good times.

If anyone who still reads this would like to add me on Facebook feel free to tell me your name in the comments and I'll add you.

Sometimes I wish that instead of playing WAR all day I'd have socialized, made friends, and went on dates.  But now that everything worked out and the game is coming to an end and I look back on all of my experiences playing WAR I wouldn't take back any of it.

I'll miss you WAR.

I really will.