Friday, April 30, 2010

Hope The Statue of Liberty never does this...

Actually, yes, I do hope it does this because that would be pretty cool. Today I got my 1st opportunity to fight the colossus who is the world boss of lotd/

Unlocked by killing the 8th boss of tovl so I believe.  Frankly, I do not have much to say about this boss because my time with it was short and painful.  I got to the boss with about 11 minutes left on the timer and it consisted of beating up his hand then attempting to run up his arm and to his neck.  There were also swirling whirlwings (Which I now hate dearly) and his fist of pwnage which hit me for 9000, i'm lucky I survived.
I gotta say, the whole concept is cool, but the gameplay of it isn't.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1.3.5 PTS Q&A

Sorry I am adding this a bit late, few early questions missed...


Con: Is there a break in Mez?

Nate: Stagger should break

Cortez: Do Wards work in RvR?

Nate: Not really, purely pve.

Darkpack: Can we keep the RR bonus that is currently going on?

Carrie: Uh sorry, No

Deathy: Option to Rename Characters?

Carrie: Interesting one, Possibly we've investigated it

Dice: Rework of BO/SM?

Andy: Troll question for the forums

Eisengard: 3 minute in cities a bit short if someone needs an afk?

Carrie: Investigating right now based on feedback.

El: Elaborate on what you're doing on RvR concerns

Carrie: No answer at the moment

Evilgardner: What to do about underperforming destro guards.

All: We'll check

Fanatick: Anything for supreme wards?

Nate: In the future

Faoldhubh: Bag for seige stuff?

Nate: Not at the moment

Feardorcha: Population cap for tier 4 in the future for balance

Carrie: Nothing ruled out, don't think it'd solve.

Freakk: Mirror for Shootin' with the wind?

Nate: Maybe

Ghazkgul: Heirophant's grace nerfed? Or unable to stack

Nate: Possibly

Grumn: Showing RR instead of rank because Rank doesn't matter in t4

Carrie: Maybe

Interior: Plan to give renown abilities instead of stats?

Nate: Alot planned, can't get into at the moment though

Kashue: Can you edit characters beards, clothing, ect. so we can switch to new faces/hairstyles

Carrie: When we can fit it in

Koopa: Why is Mythic store closed?

Andy: Business decision

Korrigan: Does SW damage need improved, what do you think about it?

Nate: SW needs to be a little generically better, and needs to be played more smoothly, it's kinda jerky at the moment with stances.

Kushbaby: Plans for a lotd SC?

Carrie: No plans

Andy: I have plans carrie, i'll talk to you later

Lannika: Planning to change WE finishers, or make them par with a WH.

Nate: Trying to make them better both up and down, no changes I can share at the moment

Lathlabi: Linux OS game client?

Carrie: No

Manastacious: Different Leveling System?

Nate: No, not right now

Monty: What will 1.3.6 focus on

Carrie: We know what we're doing, but we've been focusing on 1.3.5 lately.

Mucella: Anything be done about rightious fury draining AP when rezzed? (Bug?)

Nate: We're aware of this, looking at it.

Nattfodd: Less restrictive more beneficial marauder/SW stances

Nate: Yes, no details ATM

Ogahn: Paid Expansion?

Andy: No comment

Onemantankwall: 70+ SCs so pugs aren't farmed

Carrie: Not in near future

Psycho: With AA nerfed will they be given buffs for classes effected be given any buffs?

Nate: Yea, we will go through

Robobiatch: Putting Other cities in?

Carrie: -laughs- no comment

Sedo: Game cards? Where to find cheap, any advice?

Andy: eBay, Walmart.

Stargate Deity: Will choppa get armor debuff like slayer?

Nate: Come up, not something we're pulling the trigger on.

Tarelther: How powerful are city champions supposed to be? How is battle supposed to feel?

Carrie: Open ended question, supposed to feel exciting and epic. Tweaking with it.

Nate: No number on how powerful, more of a gutcheck thing.

Thehealeroftru: Nerf DoK/WP or give WP a 1k1 equiv.

Nate: Not at the moment, certainly aware of 1k1 concerns. Not a plan to change at moment.

Thelivingfro: AMs get a tactic to add a dot to rain lord?

Nate: No, never considered

Tzudevil: Will BW/SORC Mechanic reduced from 100% --> 50% at max mechanic?

Nate: Not changing mechanic, in general they are over the top everyone knows it and we are looking at them.

Vongore: Changing Hold the Line for tanks beefing it up to damage mitagation or AP booster?

Nate: No it serves a pretty specific purpose already.

Werner: Magus/Engi underperforming, Being looked at?

Andy & Nate: We're always evaluating.

Wolfie: New redesign for armor in 1.3.6? Its about time.

Carrie: Will have that information later.

Xenestra: Plans for forts?

Andy: Forts.. forts forts forts...

Carrie: Investigated

Yena: Can BG get IB cave-in equiv?

Nate: Ummm, not really a specific change we're looking at right now. No.

Well, thats it guys. I missed so much stuff, I was frantically typing this whole time.

Remember they are not exact quotes, but breakdowns from what I heard.

That's What She Said

Steve Carell leaving the Office?

So, I heard that Steve Carell may leave The Office after next season. That being said. That sucks

The past few days on gorfang I have seen a huge increase in destro zergs, somehow, I'm seeing some destro 40s delete their chars and transfer to order because they think that destro will rule the world someday. Although I do not see this happening until WP/DoK are nerfed (Hint Hint), I do see happiness in destro's future and a more equal server. What does this have to do with Steve Carell leaving The Office you may ask? Well... Absolutely nothing. But, in order to link the two, I offer you with this Screenshot while waiting for a flip.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Destro steppin'it uuuupp?

Today I saw a rage in destro I've never seen before (At least.. a rage in the game and not on the forums). And man were we angrily taking praag. We saw the order zerg runnin' towards us in the Middle BO and we ran after them and smashed it plus the skirmish of blood gave us the VP to flip the zone. Then we ran in to the WC in celebration.

I mean, HOLY CRAP! Look how far I got in the WC we had so much, was searching frantically for the mailbox, we all were. If we could get that number again and have everyone just run mindlessly into the WC. We would wipe that $h!t off the map! Even though I got crappy renown through that, it was the funnest I've ever had in an oRvR warband.

Props to the Order that came out. Destro too.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Spec Of Chosen

The RDPS spec.

Today in IC I was examining everyone because... I can and I was waiting for SCs.

Well I examine a rank 35 chosen and as I'm mousing over his gear, WTFOMGBBQSAUCE He has a balistics talisman in his shoulders. I'm not sure what he was aiming for here but maybe he's on to something.
Chosen throwing axe spec, the future of Warhammer. "BAH" you say? Well. Probably. But lets keep an eye on him.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Orange Red Orange Red. RERROW!

Look! My Lizard Pooped out a midget!

Just kidding! During stage 2 of todays seige. I was sitting outside the sitting thinking, "Jeezus I am bored, what to do" Then all of the sudden a whole bunch of order comes around the corner!! It was fun for the 15 minutes it lasted, Then I went to go try to flip somewhere.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mythic's apology that is...

For those of you who haven't read it. (It's on the herald) They've promised anyone who was overcharged a 100% renown/exp bonus for 2 weeks (If I remember right) Then we have some token to spend at a vendor for.

A Manticore (Or Griffin for order)
Bottomless Skull White Dye
Bottomless Chaos Black Dye
and a few other things.

I think that the free token stuff is the stupidest thing ever. I'd be ok with just the 100%. Dye prices will drop, And the so called 'EPIC' mounts will no longer be epic as every single living (or non-living) soul now has one.

Personally I think that Mythic should have just stuck with teh 100%, if they needed to add more then they coulda made it last 2 months instead of weeks, or they could have made it 200% instead of 100%.

But, I know after the 2 weeks ends, I will smash a renown wall and roll another alt most likely.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So, I was planning on hitting rr 60 this weekend. But with nothing Popping with Twisting Tower. i've only actually gone up about 4%. As Arisechicken said, we spend most of our time running around and collecting pies. 1/2 the time, the only attack done on me is I see a squid on my face. At the end of the average twisting tower, I get around 50k heals. Not very fun. The Oculus sucks too, I tried to take it and I died before I could use it, with no people around. Basically I have been just bringing my chosen in seeing if I can rack up 1% per SC.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogger Roll Call

Grats to chicken on the mention :-D That's gotta get you some nice views thar.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1.3.5 City Preview?

I don't think I have ever been more happy for mythic on a patch. While some of you may disagree with me I think that this patch is the best patch yet (Other than Lotd of course). It seems Mythic actually listened to their players and made the city RvR. This new city sounds extremely fun, after reading over it several times heres how I think it will work...

Stage 1: We all gather, wait, then when the 24 v 24 starts we all run into the city and start slaying each other like no tomorrow. Til stage 2 starts.

Stage 2: We all run around but this time with our kings behind us (or in front of us, depends on who you trust more...)

Stage 3: Even more running around but this time with Champions (and the rank 33 nubs who will QQ that they aren't a captain) Ones the champions are dead I see a MASS slaughter with both sides reeling in pain.

Then we go back to our beloved SCs.

Sure enough, I think that Mythic has done a great job to bringing players back to trying to pursue ORvR instead of our dearest SCs. I think it might be balanced this time around. Only time will tell.
This new city sounds engaging on paper (or.. computer) but how will it play out I wonder. I'm sure we'll all be whining and asking for more water within a few months. But hey, it's gonna be pretty tight while it lasts :-D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Advice is useful for almost something...

So today in destro's advice chat, we had a maybe hour or two talk on class balance, and I gotta say it was kinda fun. It wasn't dominated by trolls for once. It wasn't full of retards saying that BG needs to be nerfed. It was actually lots of people discussing classes and their uses.

If you have advice on (I'm sure advice is like this in all servers all realms) you will notice the trolls, the QQers, the Ragequitters, and lets not forget the trials. (Usually trials are all of the above) But advice is fun to just actually have a nice conversation on, when we were done a few people said that was actually good advice and that they are rolling their classes based on our observations.

Advice Balance Discussion Results:

KotBS < Chosen
BW > Sorc
AM > Shammy
WL < Mara
Slayer > Choppa
RP < Zealot
Engi > Magus

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bright Wizard College

For the 1st time in my WAR time, I entered the Bright Wizard College. Yeah I'm a bit behind.. It was quite easy, easier than I thought it would be at least. I shoulda taken screenshots but I was too concentrated on the artwork and whatnot... So, I will explain what happens for those of you who do not know. (Without SS)

To get into the BWC the city must be in stage 2, Altdorf that is, and you must be destruction. The portal to enter is north of the BO Bright Wizard College. When you enter you go through this little twisting hall. There you come to a room with 4 Hero guards (warded I might add) and a few sprites. Kill the sprites and the heroes and you progress to the next stage of the PQ.

Someone told me you can bug this stage but I dunno how... Anyways, there are 3 floors you progress too on this stage, and there are 2 cubes on each floor. You destroy the cubes and the boss of the BWC becomes available to kill.

As long as you don't attack the champions near the broken Cubes, you will be ok (if you do, the cube respawns). As far as I know, he only has one move, and that is he puts a bomb on someone (or something) and it blows up. Make sure the person who has the bomb gets away from everyone else. Other than that, I don't think he hurts people that much if you have good healers.

Now once he dies, the loot roll begins and everyne gets a free crest. In my instane, 6/10 bags were won by non 40s, 2 of the 40s were in conq gear, and the 2 who were ready for warlord each got green bags.

Next time a city seige happens, good luck!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yeah, don't be a douche in vent

Because I get blamed for it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I will pie you!

So, I found this fantastic new addon called "Pie Tracker"

I gotta say, Pieing people to see how many points you can rack up is pretty addicting, my whole guild is at a giant pie war right now.
So, this addon here's the basics
Press /pie to see a record of your pies and whatnot, you can right click on the names of people in this screen and set them as a "grudge" (I have no idea what that means) . And then... Well thats it. Start pieing the hell out of people.

EDIT: HOLY CRAP! Found an Easter Egg, (Courtesy of Squiza and Baronunderbite) type /piebaron and see what happens =o
Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bright Wizards

1. Check out my new Bomb move!
2. I deal about 1000 times as much damage now.
3. How do you do it?
4. I f*ck myself up while killing others.
5. You're probably going to die.
6. Yeah from owning so much ass


No one wants to do them anymore :-(, this makes me a sad Disciple. I think that Mythic should make some type of currency for PQs, Say for buying emotes or something of that sort, I'm sure that at least some people would do PQs again, there is only a few PQs ever being done, those are the first two chapters in norsca for destro. I imagine its the same for Order.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Doktor Dre

Yeah it's pretty stupid