Saturday, July 31, 2010


Wooooo!  The Wild Hunt is returning to all tiers! For the first live event in freaking forever, I really need my cloak.
Also, there seems to be a new scenerio that takes place in the Eternal Citadel. Weird.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Humorous Guide to KEEP DEFENSES!

I was gonna save this for the Q&A session with the devs to hopefully get their attention, but, I will not be available at the time they are holding it at.  SO, here you go....

Keep Defense:  N, The Hopeless act of defending an attacked keep with hopes of... A. Getting Annihilator Gear, B. Stealing Annihilator gear because you didn't get your Sov piece, and C. Getting some free renown. 

However.  Some people defend for other reasons.

Don't... Lose.. The keep...

Occasionally, you wipe as well...  Wiping in a keep defense is nothing to fret about, it just means it's time for a game of Hide and seek with your favorite enemy.  May I recommend in the bushes outside, or on the tallest tower, or if you're a Witch Elf or Witch Hunter, then just go invis and tickle Bright Wizards til they sneeze fire.

Remember, when they find you... Jump! It's Hide and Seek AND Tag :D

If there is no action in tier 4, you can always go down to the lower tiers and pick a fight there.
Because as a chicken you get unlocks, and possibly renown
I've always wanted to see a whole WB of chickens :-D

A good thing, is when you're winning thekeep defense and everyone group hugs and then pushes out the door.

As you could see, the comment made  by the sorc is very true. 
But.. Sometimes it's not good and then order swarms the keep, making you run up to the 2nd level to see the graffiti left by ex keep defenders.
Weee.... INC Lots of death =O.   When you try to kill them, be sure to hit on tanks.
I.E.: /1 my god... 1. Hit on tanks, 2. Don't charge, cower 3.  When they seem to be winning FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST GIVE UP, spam /lol and hope for a @ post on the forums.

And that is how Keeps should be defended..........

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things People Say (Borrowed from Wasdstomp)


When I'm a two sword dok, I can't heal myself because I lack the mental capacity to do so :-D  seems this guy is having the same problem as I do.

And Since I've been playing for a year, I'm a t4 twink obviously.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Is altdorf scarrrrrred of meh?

I entered altdorf today, and I was the only one in the entire instance, no destro, no order... just meh o.O.
I got 3000 renown about because I killed Volkmar then followed my lord up to the gates, I couldn't kill Karl Franz in time before the city reset.  But it was still quite interesting...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pie tag and Champions romancing?!?! o.O

So, I can't play my WH until I hit 80 because I just remembered, I have a 500g bet with thokkgrin over who can hit 80 1st.


Today after a nice little city instance, we got in an empty instance, so what better to do than have PIE TAAAAAG for 15 or so minutes in stage 1!!!  Was the best stage one EVAR, I was it once, and see screenshot, I hit thokkgrin for making me race him to 80. That douche!  Eventually it got bored so we equipped random pieces of armor to make it more interested. W00T W00T


I guess the stage 2 heat is too much for Lychithas and Engra.  Is Lychithas a guy or a girl, because this is bromance gone to the extreme, they got stuck on each other, and started attacking each other or something, who knows why? Not I.  But this is REAL strange...

Please, for the love of khaine, leave a comment telling me WHY THIS HAPPENED

Anyhow, we let order kill Lychithas, and "Til death do us apart" initiated and when Lychithas died, Engra just ran away.. Right to where karl franz was. Wow....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

False Expansion Races for Warhammer Online: Age of Trickery

My ideas for epic new classes Mythic could introduce





(Harry) Truman


Truman would be OP, I can already tell.

Monday, July 19, 2010

WARHAMMER BEACH PARTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

When I first made my WH, I decided to make a check list to do things as an order, I only have one thing left to do...


As you can see, only me, Kinlay, and that elusive party dinosaur showed up, but.. the water is poisonous and you can't swim in it whatsoever.
Dinosaur made some lame jokes, I swear they're prehistoric they're so old, heard 'em all. 
WTB moar for beech partay

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I R TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!1!!!

Standing outside altdorf today on badlands for a city seige, I felt extremely out of place, and I mean extremely.
I've decided to put all my destro toons on hold until my WH hits 40 (rank 34 today, woulda gotten rank 35 if the game didn't hate me so bad).  
I really need to get used to that, I saw a white lion running at me in a sc earlier and almost shat myself because I had no healers around, then I remembered "Oh yeah, i'm a cat person now"

I really ultrahate chosens now though, and I will never be able to play mine again (Nothing new there)

Now, the reason the game hates me, wondering if anyone else has this problems.

At random times, when I try to load WAR it says it can't find a certain patch file, find the thread here and FOR THE LOVE OF SIGMAR/KHAINE/MORK/GORK/SLAANESH blah blah blah, give me an answer!

Rank 1 VS World Boss

name blocked because she's up and coming.

But, just so you know, I one shotted this sunuvabitch, my throwing blade too. 

He's saying HAVE YOU SEEN MY GLASSES? because I figure that's something my grandpa would say, but now I think laxatives would work better.

But the story is, I was going to champ grind my epiczorz little WE, and the world boss spawned, so me and my group decided to run over there and take some screens of me pwning the world boss, I can't post the screenshot of me one shotting the world boss because it doesn't exist Because it's too epic for pictures to handle, and very bloody.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I kill Quest Giving NPCs, mwahahahahahahaha


See that dead quest giver, that's my doing! Mine!
Thehealeroftru wins the game.

Ok not really, but still, I consider a day a SUCCESS whenever I get into the order WC and kill something, what's better is the people in the warcamp spamming emotes at me afterwards.


Monday, July 12, 2010

WHAT?!?! A tier 4 PvE turned PvP encouter in.... REIKLAND?!?!

Just an hour ago I was running around lookin for tome unlocks, and I see a rank 30 something BW run past me, and I think, "Hmm... freenown" so I chase, then all of the sudden I get jumped by 8 or so order, and they're doing an order PQ.  I've never killed people in a PQ, and.. I love it.  New terrain to wipe the ground with, plus it was pretty epic.  I killed a RP before I got overwhelmed. 
Most of you are probably thinking "WTF is wrong with you"
The honest answer to that is, 'I dunno', but I thought it was quite sweet killing people outside of the lakes.
THIS shows WHERE on the map it was.

THIS shows combat. yay

NEW BLAWG DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, so I can differ from other blogs out there, I decided to color everything.

Make a comment saying what you thing about it please, if I should go back.

Gracias mi amigos

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This has nothing to do with family guy.

I needed a picture for this post.  And family guy is awesome.

Anyways.. I FINALLY found motivation to hit 80, me and thokkgrin are wagering 500g on whoever can hit 80 1st.  It really works, I find myself solo partying, douching City Instances up AND i've turned off my renown bar (It's hard to go without...)

In other words, Colds suck and I'd rather have pink eye.  I can't taste my Dr. Pepper.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Small quick post regarding my e-mail

Again it is
Feel free to comment on what I can improve on, what you hate about me, why I should be tossed from a moving van, ect.
(Any of it, I luv it all)

But make sure you have some sort of recognition that it's not a spam post, for instance include a To: or some stuff, because I can get really confused :-P


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I bet you've never seen anything like this

2 AM - 4 AM wednesday night.. or is it thursday morning... anyhow,
 ADD critically hits Thehealeroftru for 9001 (3.14159 mitagated)
 Thehealeroftru heals himself with doing insane stupid stuff (1 overhealed)

This wonderful land is called "The Kraken Sea" and is a hidden zone behind Chaos Wastes. It includes many cliffs, a giant lake, and an unreachable tower in the middle of the lake.  If you go to the edge, there is a little path you can walk to see under the water in the lake in the Kraken Sea.  Why Mythic made it.. I dunno.

This is another picture of the Kraken sea, this is the side path, below me and mr grot you can see the edge of the world, if I walk off that, I get fall and get ported to my rally point.

This lovely place does not have a name, but I like to call it "Thehealeroftru Land". It's my own private island off the coast of... well.. I won't spoil it for you.  You shall never find my private island. 
Transportation to this island is.... HARSH...  Requires at least 1 healer healing through the drowning to get here (Please don't fix mythic, I love my little island <3)

This would be transportation to the island, long and grueling I tells ya.

Group picture on my private island.

This next picture is a sheer cliff drop found on the outer edges of my private island.  Very pretty. Lots of dirt.

This is.... pssh.. I dunno what this is... this is also near my island.

EDIT ADDED PHOTO: THIS is nighttime on my island, a beauty isn't it.  Very SWEET shot if you ask me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So a few weeks ago I went on a trip to Washington D.C.  When I stopped to eat I saw a nice stand where they take your picture and they edit it so it looks like you're shaking hands with Barack Obama or George Bush or whatever...  So they take my picture and I get the frame and everything and I are so excited because I haz a svveet picture of me shaking Obama' hand.  I felt it was pretty smooth going and it was well priced too.  They said the credit card machine is in the back of the store so I walk to the back happy with my prize, then they charge me.  I'm about to walk out when a crazy lady grabs my arm and is screaming "BUY THIS! YOUNG MAN! BUY THIS!"  She offers me a shock gum for $25, when I say no thank you and try to walk away her "accomplice" as I like to call her runs in front of me and yells at me to buy it, then when I decline again they give me the offer of a lifetime, the shock gum AND a T-shirt for only $60. 
Again I decline, and the urging to buy goes on for at least 10 more minutes.  At the end I thought they were going to sell me the whole store. Finally after leaving I felt annoyed.

I'm gonna compare this to the freaking failwall I have hit with my renown.  I thought it was smooth going until 70.  I was like "YEAH! I'm gonna hit 80 by the end of the summer! WOO!"
Not even close.  1/2 through summer and I'm still at renown rank 71.  I feel as if they're offering me stuff but instead of costing money it's gonna cost me all the time in the world. 

Or maybe I just FIAL!

PS: Sorry for delayed post, was on a mini vacation