Friday, November 12, 2010

I take pictures of my cat because I FEEL LIKE IT!!! Oh yeah and rvrpack+1.4 thursday :-)

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Wow! Wow! Now I'm going to have to grind renown again??!?!  (By the way, for the record, I can't wait to see who hits rr 100 first so I can laugh at them for playing 3 days straight... but at the same time I'll be jealous)

When I found out that the rvr pack was coming on 11/18 I rushed downstairs and started screaming at the person who was currently playing WAR about it.
Their reaction wasn't so excited as myself.

YES! YES! OH MY GOD! Ok ok! I'll stop I'm done with the cat pics...

But I started screaming and the person playing ran away under the couch to ponder/sleep about what the rvrpack will be like.
So I could then scream in /t4 "GOYZ! GOYZ! THAR BE AN RVRPACK 11/18!" and people giving me tells that I'm trolling and stuff and when I bet 500g they were like "OMG yooz real!??!" (Ilthay -_-)

But to be honest, I could give a damn about rvrpack, I don't want to grind more levels, I'm having a perfectly good time relaxing at 80, I don't want to stress for two more years to hit 100.  The thing I am loving though is the 1.4 changes to tiers and SCs, I am so excited for SCs.
I'll be honest, I was addicted to solo healing for renown during my time grinding to 80, now with the ranks I highly doubt I will do that.
I am also very fond of the white warpforged helm.
I don't have a picture for it, but OH MY GOD it looks like something I'd dress a 5 year old in for halloween. It's pretty uh... weird. It's like a kitty face for a helm :D

Poll Results:
You play a...
Healer: 24%
MDPS: 17%
RDPS: 17%
Tank: 12%
Rapist who climbs in windows and snatches people up: 29%

Mythic could release another xpack where Rapists who climb in windows and snatch people up is a race and the population boom for that class would be enormous. :D


  1. Your cat looks like its is disappointed in you.

  2. The cat is not happy.

  3. It's ok, it got lots of bacon after :-)

    She always looks mad, so after a few years I'm convinced that's her happy face :D

  4. Hide your DoKs, Hide your Magi, and Hide your Shamans 'cause they raping everyone out here.

    - Have fun

  5. The cat is like:

    "Ima salvagin' ur epicz!"

  6. My cat heals better than I do

    (Funny part is this isn't a set up picture, I left to go get some food and came back and saw my cat sniffing the screen for a reason only god knows, so I decided to take a picture.)


  7. Dude your blog is the shitz!

    Love, Sighmunde

  8. Oh man. I google "warhammer 1.4 release" and the first thing I click on links to a blog by thehealeroftru. Im starting to remember the good times and might start playing again. What server are you on healer?


  9. Still on gorfang loc, good to see you again.


    Btw you just missed my order debut, I'm canceling my order sub day of 1.4 xD


  10. It wouldn't be the same good times without being able to kill you (when you didn't see me coming..) Hook me up with some vent info if you don't mind me asking questions about what is going on since I've been gone. We can chat while I get the ball rolling on my account again.