Monday, May 31, 2010

Faster City Plz

So, my night tonight pretty must consisted of...
Taco Bell
Mario Kart
An Apple.

There you have it. Byebyeuntiltomorrow.

Just kidding.  So my recent goal is to get at least 15% in renown per day, (Which if you stopped to think instead of reading on gives me about a renown rank each week) and I did that really fast today.  So, From 8 est all the way to 12 Est, I sat in random zones waiting for Order to push IC.  It started out of me afking in praag and playing mario kart, then when I was thinking "What the waffle is the deal with order" about an hour later, I found myself battling in Caledor being a retard and typing "YOM YOM YOM NOM NOM NOM MOAR RENOWN PLASE!" in region. Which I'm sure no one liked.
Then after the big order zerg wiped us I decided to be loyal to destro and retreat because the big bad zerg got here.  Then I waited til 12 Est in IC until push.

FINALLY I get in IC and I'm against a big zerg premade which wiped me over and over until I left cause I was tired and to make this post.

For most, it sounds like a boring night, but I actually enjoyed it, because I got 17% total today instead of 15%!!1!!!11!!!1!!!1111

Thanks to all the order that showed up for the fights, was really good rvr tonight.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I seem to be stuck.

So I was running out of the city and the door CLOSED ON ME. Ow. Poor Manticore

In other news, grats to destro for pushing to the city at 8 Est. Very nicely done.

2.9 MILLION Heals!!!

So, 3 minutes before the city seige ended I was sitting there looking at the scoreboard. "Oh how LOVELY, I can't wait to get a screenshot of this achievement when the seige ends!" After I thought this, I was ported to maw, screenshotless.
Nevertheless, 2.9 Million heals DID happen! What a wonderful instance it was.
So I hear my rage in /alliance was pretty one-of-a-kind according to one of my guildies.

Telaser:  Is caps lock stuck again?
Projectors: No Screenshot no proof.

So on so forth.

I was gonna make this post tomorrow and us MSpaint to make an angry smiley face.  But its 4:30 and I can't get to sleep.
For those of you wondering how the instance went...

I got there and we did stages 1 and 2 and I got 1 million heals total then.
Then we got to stage 3, Me, a choppa, a blackguard, and a sorc get chosen for champions.  The Choppa goes down 1st due to me sneezing and hitting flee.  Then the Sorc went down next.  At this point in time  have the BG and I, and we have the greatest IB of them all, Kelman.  So the BG eventually goes down after 15 minutes and I'm shivering behind the statue trying to get away from order (But I was healing).  We beat on Kelman for about 13 more minutes. (With the 15 before that when the BG died).  About a minute before he died I figured out my damage is actually good now, so I went and killed any engi going at me from then on :-D. But then finally Kelman died, how? I don't know, I didn't see, I was spamming group heal. So we beat on Karl Franz until he's to about 10%.  I was gonna take the screenshot of the scoreboard when it all ended. But noooo with 2 minutes left in the instance, we all got ported to Maw, leaving me to vent in every chat available.

Was a fun instance, props to Kelman for being so awesome.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I do when destro gets stomped in the city

Exploration FTW!! So, instead of staying at spawn and gettng wafflyroflstomped, I decided (to the dismay of my teammates and instance) run around and do freaking nothing.  I decided to take a picture from each stage and have great memories of pointlessness and WTFOMG AHHHH.

Stage one since I saw we were up against something that automatically meant "ow" I decided to do what Smother did. 
So, I stood there the whole god damn instance while some people were certainly thinking "What a scrub... Afking the city..." although this is sort of true while I was waiting, I must say that I finally got the pro rating in Wii Tennis.
Finally I saw the Sun Dragon rushing to the door and I was excited, turns out unlike in the screenshot of Smother, order does NOT flock to the Sun Dragon as previously thought, so I ran out and knocked over the 1 or 2 order just sitting there.  Luckily, I probably got the attention of the order camping my spawn camp because a whole bunch of order rushed over and tried to kill me, it took them about a minute or two due to jumping off the cliff and bouncing back up along with my continuous healing.  It was the best game of tag I have ever played with Order people. 

The next stage, stage 2, was one of interesting doors.  Everyone was all "FOLLOW CHOSEN ROFL" so I decided to follow Lycithas the Magus just to see what his route was like.  So he goes to the Library and I walk in and decide to walk to one of the rooms behind the Library.  So when I get to the door I click on it and OMFG I fall down.

So if you're ever in the area during a city flip, walk in the door on the left of the main room in the library and you will fall (Its also quite the sightseeing adventure, you can see inside the monolith as you fall, you know the place Lycithas actually resides in peacetime.)
After telling everyone in my instance about the door that leads to knowwhere and a reference to the Winchester House. The stage ended very quickly because Order was epic this instance.

Before this, I wanted more than anything to be a champion in the instance and I tried my hardest in the instances so maybe I can be chosen as a champion.  Turns out you must do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to become a champion, as I grew a million times as big and felt awesome for the 1st time.

The following I could not screenshot because it was so gory and graphic I could not believe it. We rushed in and I was typing in /sc "ALL CHAMPIONS TO PARTY 5" no one listened.  All the champions were in seperate parties and myself in party 5 all by myself.  I being a DoK am a gigantic target even when I'm not a giant, when I became a giant, even those order that never see me all of the sudden saw me and I had about 1/2 the server on me.  Needless to say I died a terrible and horrible death...
So soon after all the other champions died (Including the afk black orc) order bumrushed our spawn room and we died.  Oh, and a side note, before the champ instance started a few people were all "WTF WE DIDN'T GET IN THE INSTANCE WE GOT LOCKED OUT QQQQ QQ  Q Q QQQ" and all I could say was "I feel your pain"

I know the above must have been hard as hell to comprehend, but... get over it.

And that was today's city instance. In all I couldn't have had over 20k heals, all of those earned during champ status.

QQ moar tru!!!

 ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME I have done the stage 3 city instance, it does this. It kicks me out of the instance so I have to watch behind the barrier.  Puh-leeze fix this, I have sent in a bug report multiple times but it keeps on doing this.  So, I can't be champion, and I can't participate.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To all you other bloggers

I know that there are some other bloggers out there that have my blog listed in their list of blogs.  If I don't have your blog listed in mine, notify me in-game or by to tell me to list your blog in as well. (Please, no spam mails).

In other news, I'd like to congradulate my guild and my alliance for getting into Altdorf yesterday, lots of you logged off, but they eventually did it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pink for Tink

1st off, good luck to Tinkerhell.
2nd, I'm guessing some of you are thinking "wtf" right now. Shadowwar has a good story about a character playing on badlands named tinkerhell who is in her second bout of breast cancer. 
The support from badlands is ENORMOUS, I have a Witch Hunter on badlands and its just support all over the place and quite inspirational. Mythic has now made Dye vendors that give pink and purple dyes (which look like a darker pink) for breast cancer awareness I would presume.  Just the fact that Mythic has had the whole game community join in and support is just touching to me. 
I REALLY wish that Gorfang would do the same as Badlands,  I've tried to convince my guild, my server, my alliance to at least dye their gear Pink, and at please change last name to Pinkfortink.  As of now... I believe I am the only one even participating.
So, I am off to go, ahem, "Convert" (as a guildie called it) everyone I can see in sight and try to persuade them to give cause to support this.

Pink for Tink
Rosada Para Tink
الوردي لtink
Rose pour Tink
Pink für Tink
Розовый для Дзынь

Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Flying Kittens of DOOM!!!!!!!

I made that title to make you click on it and read this.. Why I'm such a jerk, I dunno.  But since I have no post to make today of any interest to the public.  I will post something that is not of interest to the public, I will decide (for gorfang server) the best class of each career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!!1111!!1!

DoK: Barachiel for DPS, Fletchale for Heals
Blackguard: Shuguard
WE: Sakkura
Sorc: Not sure. Lytooya, maybe. Summery is pretty good too, can't think of any that jump out at this moment.

Archmage: Umm.. Erroneous
SW: Aethona, but she deleted her char. Sooooo Tuffett I guess
Swordmaster: I have a really good one at the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of the name.
WL: Tyraell

Chosen: Warspirits is pretty good
Mara: Burnsides or Gesler
Zealot: Arisechicken is the bestest EVAR
Magus: Keagen

KotBS: Phec
WH: Hyler, but he's gone, so rakija maybe
WP: None come to mind, I know theres quite a few good ones but my brain is on an overload for thinking
BW: Klurkk or Cauterized (I'm getting a fireball in the face for not mentioning some of you >_<)

BO: Babanim
Choppa: Not many come to mind, Kegnas or Icanhashobbits
Shaman: Uhhhh tablebottom
SH: Leroyshonuff or thesquiggerer

IB: Deer
Slayer: They all hurt, but tiddlywinks hurts the worst
RP: Jestor, legend is up and coming though
Engi: Gogo, he never plays it anymore though

Well, thanks to my guildies for helping me decide on a lot of the order ones.  Took me 1 hour.
Hope you enjoy this flying kitten of DOOM.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

He's Legendary

Legendaryheals that is....
Of course, destro can't enjoy his epicness as a zealot so we will need to suffer his epicness as a Rune Priest.
I have decided to make Legend my "Cheer Bomb" that means I /cheer spam so it loads up their screen and can't see the sweet lootz they're getting, so they become panicked causing them to stop healing and go after me in anger.  It's like taunt but funner.  In this certain screenshot I only have it on 5 times, but I guarantee you... You will see me filling up the whole screen.
One day.. One day...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

And then the vulture lord said...

I got my 1st chance to fight the last boss of tomb of the vulture lord today. (Today's post was originally gonna be a WTFOMGQQ post about how I d/ced during city, but my blood spilled all over the floor sounded more appealing)
So after spending 2 hours or so on boss 7, we finally made it to boss 8.  I really have nothing else to say about this boss except "ouch".  We didn't even get him below 80%.  So... the room was pretty cool......yeah, um... anyone find my spine, Vulture Lord said he'd return it as soon as he was finished cleaning his skeleton eyeholes.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear New City....


I killed Mr. Franz and got a perty Sovereign Piece!!  So my 1st city seige I wasn't so sure, could be part of the fact I got facerolled over and over by order.
This time was different however, it was pretty equal but destro was more organized and stuff.  Though I am still sad I was not chosen to be a champion, I am happy I got to see a whole new side to the city I did not see before. (Karl Franz's blood for instance, that was a sight) When they cut Tchar'zanek he didn't bleed rainbow for once and it was actually natural blackish-blue.
It was extremely fun this time and I got tons of renown. (But I still don't know what Reaping GIAB is on DoK soveriegn gear)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congrats Phoenix Company

I just wanted to make a post to say congrats to my badlands order guild on Guild Rank 40. I joined when they were about 20-25 maybe, been a long road for them but they finally did it. ;-)

New City Seige.

It wasn't bad.  It wasn't terrific.  Better than the old one.
So let me tell you my experience.
I log on hoping for a city seige, and what do you know Order is almost in IC. So I flaw to IC and wait right outside until I can enter.  That was my fatal mistake I now realize.  Right when the city opens I run in there and I'm in the 1st instance.  But my complete pug WB is up against a very Organized Premade. (Blitz? I think it was)
So after trying to start a conversation with Tchar'Zanek the instance started and we all slowly walked out (No really, we barely moved, we like...crept out) so I led the charge.  Eventually I let some choppa get in front of me. And so we run and we're feeling enthusiastic, then WTFOMG we get owned. Repeat process over and over until stage 2
So on stage 2 we followed around our guy, then order attacked and the stage 2 ended FAST. Then on to stage 3. I cannot tell you my jealousy when I saw those champions stomping out and just attacking everything in sight, I also cannot tell you my sadness when I saw Shyks and Eatr running at me as champions.  So, as fast as stage 2 ended, stage 3 ended just as abruptly.  Then I ragequit and went outside to play some basketball.
In all, it was a pretty fun idea but I still wanted to kick a dingo with getting wtfpwned the whole time.  Ow.

Here is the 69th screenshot in my archive, of lycithas or whatever his name is. This photo was taken just seconds before he was killed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reaping GIAB

Isn't it supposed to be like, Reaping Pain or something. If so I think we should leave it at Reaping GIAB


So, all the servers have been brought down shattering my being of giddy for the new patch. The only thing I experienced so far was them removing my go-to mailbox. 
But, word on the street is that a Mythic Dev logged on to a real server when they meant to log onto a test server and started testing which led to an "OMGWHOOPS" that no other could imagine.

What a big let down for patch day.  I didn't like some of the comments said in advice from the new players moments before we were shut down.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1.3.5 goes live TOMORROW!!!!!

This has been the best news all day for me, I literally made the face this Lion does (Except not a lion and extremely happy).
What will this patch be like?
I hope it makes me smile just like the Lion and also that one cat on lolcats or some website like that.  Maybe, I will actually be active again instead of "Wah wah wah wah wah, 1% renown per SC QQ /wrists" like I'm usually doing. (I've become quite pro at it) So... Now I'm gonna make a post about this on the forums if no one has already, then i'm gonna spam my alliance chat with this wondiferous news.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Small Post

Anyone else notice the fail renown we seem to be getting now? On a winning SC I get about .50-1% renown. It makes me want to punch the hidden Dinosaur in Khaine's Embrace. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So I haven't been posting in awhile because I've been playing DAO.  But holy crap! Look what I finally got after chasing for one and a half years.  The Conq Helm is the only reason I even made my chosen.  So after a long time...

My god I know no one cares but I finally did it! :-P

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Weekend

...and that means another Pointless SC.
Mythic, are we ever going to have a real live event?

I logged on today and thought to myself "Jee Whiz! I can't wait to see what Scenerio I can repeat over and over this weekend!!!!!" Then I queued and picked up Logrin's Forge.  I then puked on my cat. Then did some of This.
Logrin's has got to be the most boring scenerio of all time.  This Scenerio includes more running around than even twisting tower. Also, we can't summon our mounts so I can't show off my perty manticore I got a few days ago.
Sad face

Thursday, May 6, 2010

$10.99 Admission Fee

Come to the IC Animal Sanctuary/Zoo to see some of your favorite animals INCLUDING...

  • Giant Ground Sloth!
  • Shiny Alien Deer!
  • Wolf Thingy that follows the sloth around!
  • Flying Magic Elf Lion with Wings!
  • Rawrabears!
  • Trolls! (They've been here awhile)
  • Dead Kittens!
This Zoo opened within the past few days so all the animals are BRAND NEW!!!

No but really, IC has become a zoo lately, not that I'm complaining, I feel like I'm in Equatorial Africa and looking through the Treeless Jungle that it will soon be by 2050 (So people say).
I would say I'm enjoying my Manticore, but I am feeling un-inspired (Can't think of the right word right now) to do RvR ever since the Bonus ended.  Even SCs look dark and boring because instead of getting 500 rp per loss, I'll be getting about 0.
I feel stupid because I didn't know I could get the Skaven Cloak from DAO so I threw the case out... Darn. Waste of a Writ

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everybody and their Great Grandmother has an epic mount now

Heres what I got.

I mean holy crap, I look around and theres flying magical lions everywhere now. I was in an SC and there were at least 5 people running around as Skaven doing absolutely nothing.

IC is now a Zoo I tellz ya.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Patches that have defined the way we play

How dull this game would be without the many patches introduced.

With the upcoming 1.3.5 patch (and the gamekiller 1.3.6 during the summer probably) I decided I'd go over each patch and point out the most used feature of that patch.  (Skipping 1.0.0)
1.0.1: The Auto-loot feature was added, there is almost no one that doesn't use this feature :-P
1.0.2: Added the "Join All" Queue button for SCs! I know I use this one every day.
1.0.3: /1 region chat.  One of the basics of what goes on in the game o.O
1.0.4: Dungeon scrolls which I use sometimes.
1.0.5: I only see fixes -_-
1.0.6: BGs and KotBS, duh.
1.1: Main Assist
1.1.1: New Flight Masters. (AND THE RUSSIAN LAUNCH =O =O =O)
1.1.2: Stabilty stuff....
1.2.0: Woo.. Lots of stuff but the main feature is launch of the Choppa and AA stacker career. (Thats..Slayer)
1.2.1: Keep upgrading for guilds.  That's very commonly used
1.3.0: Duh, Land of the dead.  That's an easy one :-P
1.3.0b: Holy poo, lots of balance stuff.
1.3.1: Extra route (the right side of keep) to the top of the keep.
1.3.2: Apprenticeship or the New user Journey, oh and advice chat along with t1 t2 t3 t4 chat.
1.3.3: Underdog and art effects. OOH PRETTY. Maybe even WAR report.
1.3.4: SC currency, and SC streamlining.

Lets see what 1.3.5 has to offer...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Producer's Letter


So, the beginning of the letter, alright... But it's the very last paragraph that everyone is "WTF"ing about.

"By 1.3.6 players will have the capability to play as both order and destro on the same server...We are aware of the possible downsides...significant lock out timer between realms."

Mythic wants the player opinion?

Me: Good idea, maybe.
Gaentin: Stupid
Dominateme: Looks like 1.3.6 is the end for me.
Uthrax: Junk
Yel: Life will go on
Laudine: Proof the game is failing
Ravashack: more step towards the slippery slope of death.

Not one good comment yet all day, even when I ask in region "Does anyone thing 1.3.6 is a good idea?" and I get no response. Comon Mythic, I know in the suggestions you see people saying we should play the same faction, but those people are usually rank 20s or trials.  Think of what your veteran community wants... You know, things like

New Lands
New Classes
100% Renown bonuses (Please)

If you go through will this, this will kill the game further.

Not like any Dev reads this blog, but someone spread this word that 1.3.6 cross-realming is a terrible idea.