Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Srs Biznizz Miffic Intarview

Hello! After an angry gobbo named Thraz posted an interview supposedly containing false information I have decided that I will actually give you a SERIOUS interview with 100% real things and real quotes and stuff.

Thehealeroftru: Hello, how are you this fine day?

Mythic: We are good, what brings you here to wherever we are.

Thehealeroftru: I wanted to ask you thinks about Warham-


Thehealeroftru: Oh, why not?

Mythic: If we use the "W" word Games Workshop will sue us.

Thehealeroftru: Oh... Ok. I am sorry... I came here to ask you questions about your game.

Mythic: We'll do our best to answer them

Thehealeroftru: First off.. in the fake interview the angry gobbo said that you were introducing some "T7" armor just for alternate appearance, is this true?

Mythic: That actually is true, we will show you pictures of them right now.

Thehealeroftru: What class will you be showing us first?

Mythic: This armor happens to be for the chosen, I am sure it will be very appealing to the masses

Mythic: This is Kai's pet doggy trying on the smaller version of the armor.

Thehealeroftru: IT'S SO CUTE

Mythic: Yes, very much so.

Thehealeroftru: Can I see the other classes?

Mythic: NO! They aren't done yet.

Thehealeroftru: Oh, so what about new content, will that be added to the game.

Mythic: What do you mean

Thehealeroftru: You know, like new stuff to do?

Mythic: ..umm.. Yeah that might not happen.

Thehealeroftru: Oh dear, and why not?

Mythic: All of the money we make is going to SW:TOR.

Thehealeroftru: I am sorry for your misfortune

Mythic: The head of EA won't do anything until Carrie does what he says

Thehealeroftru: What? Do what?

Mythic: He wants to play a good game of Call of Duty with Carrie...

Thehealeroftru: So what's the problem?

Mythic: He has a PS3.  Carrie has an X-box, ever read Twitter? What else do you want to know about the game?

Thehealeroftru: A big issue amongst the players playing the game is that we want Premade/Pug to be seperate in scenerios.

Mythic: LOL sux4you

Thehealeroftru: Can you make me RR 100?

Mythic: No, we cannot make anyone in Warhammer RR-


The interview was cut short because Games Workshop burst through the windows at hearing the name of their franchise used.

In other news: Game has no news that needs reviewed, and I don't post about my characters because no one wants to know about my characters.  So that is the reason I have been dry on posts as of late. :D


  1. lol, very informative.

  2. I heard that the Chosen Beagle is going to be one of the new vanity pets. It's going to have a permanent AURA OF CUTENESS that staggers everyone within 30 feet until they emote /no.

    Very reliable source. Honest.