Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm trying to contact tripod so they can fix the crap that's going on... if I get no reply from them in 3 days I'm going to have to sign up with -gag-


Friday, February 25, 2011

Well... I WAS! going to tell you something cool yesterday

Since Wardb went down there has been no where to look for guides to quests, so I've been busy the past week and a half or so creating a new one.  But the website that's helping me make my site decided to be gay and lose all my information and delete my site for no reason.

So I need to start all over again, and try to set up the site again. 

Poll Results: 1.4.1 will be...

Good: 40%
Bad: 20%
Ok: 13%
Good for the kittens (whatever that means): 26%

Monday, February 21, 2011

I haz new things!

My old guild disbanded, so I was frantic to find a new one.  And I found one, Partninja's guild infact :D
On my first day we did tovl and stopped at boss 4.
Hooray!  Whoa whoa it doesn't end there, I also have a NEW LAST NAME!!

Which fits me very well as at any moment in game there is a 50/50 that I am AFK!

I also have..


It flies!!!!!!!! and I'm a wonderful deer!

EDIT: LOL look at this cool bug, another new mount.

Sorry that I lacked on a post this week, I SORRY!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The PTS Esperience. 3.0!.. wait.. 1.0?

The first thing I noticed as I logged on, what I was really big.  I thought it was a bug at first, but then I was all "Oh yeah, 100 makes you BIG! :-D"  So I was kind of confused for a second, but it was all good. Or was it.
LOOK! We're all big! Other than Schirge, what an outcast! He isn't one of the cool kids.. or destros or whatever. 
But as I went to the trainer I first wanted to check out Khaines Invigoration, and holy crap is that move crazy.  Not even in heal spec (in heal gear though) and it healed me for 1731. (Crit for 2423) .5 second cast, can be used on the run.   The weird thing I thought, is it costs AP instead of SE. 
But I put my points into healing and the numbers jumped to 1851 (crit for 2646)
of course, I'm forgetting this is in WARPFORGED, I can't say anything about sovereign.
I decided I'll spec into improving Rend Soul and see how that goes, I even had left over points to get the heal debuff from torture tree.  My only concern is the new morale 4 for the sacrifice tree...

How OVERPOWERED this is, I mean REALLY Mythic?  This is possibly the worst change you've made to any class, we wanted a nerf for the DoK, yet you give us the most overpowered morale in the history of morales?
Absolutely Ridiculous!  I'm sure Eka has TONS to say about this matter of this tremendously Overpowered Morale Ability!

Onto my next thing, I decided to walk into bile (Bilerot Burrow, rank 40 dungeon, the IC) to test out my rend soul on the mobs here. With ease staying alive, however I am concerned with Rend Soul.. the tree it's in is maxed out, yet it only crits for 300... Oh wait.. I'm still in my heal gear.
Ahh here we go, YOU CRITICALLY HIT BILEROT PUSTONGUE FOR 750.  You know what that means? a heal that heals for 2.5k+.
Maybe, just maybe, Melee Healer is viable.

Poll Results: Has the transfer been good?

YES!!!: 11%
Sure: 26%
No: 8%
Absolutely not: 8%
I'm on badlands: 2%
I'm on dark crag, where is everybody?: 41%

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

THEKITTYOFTROOF'S RESPONSE TO PATCH NOTES (Why I said that in caps lock, I don't know)

Once again! We have more notes for me to evaluate, and make serious game decisions on my spec (Pffft).

Mythic's Producer Letter is in Italics, my response is in.. lets go with light green text this time :D

Highlights Yes! :D

Claim Window

With the popularity of account entitlements, we‘ve decided to improve the in-game delivery method of items associated with said entitlements. IT'S ABOUT TIME MAN Whether you have the plethora My Vocabulary is.. quite low. of items that came with the Collector’s edition or an adorable vanity pet They're not that adorable, we wanted to make it easier to claim your items! What this means is that item delivery for new characters or purchases will no longer go through in-game email I thought it was just mail, but it's Email?  Well, you learn something new (almost) every day. Instead a new Claim Window interface has been added that can be accessed via /claim or via the Account Entitlements button on the Main Menu. All of your items will be accessible in this new window and can be claimed at any time. No more expiring emails! Yeah, I don't get it, but it sounds good.

But that’s not all Oh?! Accidentally lost your Trusty Mount? No We’ve got you covered No no no, Geiko has me covered, you're getting confused. Included in the Claim Window is the ability for characters to ‘reset I'm resetting my gold over and over’ specific items if they have lost or misplaced the original Misplaced my gode on expensive twink gear, you give me moniez back?. Certain items, typically currencies Like... oh darn and ‘charged’ items cannot be reset via this window. You can tell if a claimed item can be reset as the button will only light up for items that allow this functionality.

This new method of delivery will be used for all new deliveries to characters I see... perhaps we can compromise so I get my gold?. Characters who have been sent items in the mail previously will have those items shown as ‘claimed’ and any emails with items in them will continue to be accessible until they expireThank goodness!. Items that have been sent via email previously will be able to be ‘reset’ if the item allows it.

Armor Set Changes Uh oh...

The Renown Rank and level requirements for several item sets have been reduced to allow players to use them sooner in their careers So T3 is gonna be the new T4? (Like.. giant gear gaps I mean). With the new ranks for the above sets, a new armor set has been added to fill in the gap between Warlord and Sovereign.  OH GREAT, just another to grind...

Scenario Shakeup

The battle has shifted!LET ME GUESS, SCs I do not like With the advent of 1.4.1, the lineup of the Scenario offering will be changing. A number of old scenarios are making their return Oh man..., some are retiring for the moment Meh, ok, and others are shifting tiers Eww. For a full list of the new line-up, see the RVR section. I'll get there


As part of our ongoing focus on giving players the best possible experience, we‘ve made a number of behind-the-scenes optimizations to the server and client code to increase performance.

General Changes & Bug Fixes

The time and duration of the penalty to Renown gain for repeatedly killing the same enemy has been adjusted Hooray maybe?. Players will now be able to procure Renown more often from their enemies with less time between kills needed to be effective. Let the crossrealming.. BEGIN!

We’ve made some adjustments to the renown bonus that is available for players that have the Progression pack. This means the curve for the Tier 4 levels will increase slightly and it will now continue into the early post-80 levels and ramp down to normal. OH MY GOD, THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! -cries- This is just what I needed

The AFK timer for Open World areas has been increased from two minutes to three minutes.  Another Fabulous change

Realm versus Realm

Open World Campaign

Adjusted warcamps to ensure that the OrvR tracker shows up in all zones properly. I think yay

Manor of Ortel von Zaris' gates will now open for Resource Carriers upon interacting with a Resource Carrier. Same, I think yay

Resource Carriers will now despawn when an RvR lake's winner is determined. Thank god!!

Skaven bosses, inside Thanquol's Incursion, will no longer suffer damage from Moral sources. What!?!? Seriously!??! That makes me want to... punch a... TV or something, Morale is how I damaged them in heal spec :-P

Misspelling corrected in the Skaven Skirmisher buff's tooltip. Fix.. wait is "Moral" supposed to be "Morale?" fix that mispelling.

Resource Carriers will now auto-dispatch if they come under attack while still awaiting orders at a Battlefield Objective. OOooooh good idea IMO

The following changes have been made to the Packmaster Skaven class: Touched a packmaster once, never again.  Nothing to say on changes

o The cooldown for Strength in Numbers has been lowered to three minutes.

o Thwap! and Thwap!Thwap!!Thwap!!! are now ranged abilities.

o In addition to the Rat Ogre specific buff, which has not been changed, Thwap! now heals any friendly target for about 2% of the target's max health. The Packmaster cannot use this on himself.

o Thwap!Thwap!!Thwap!!! now places a HoT on any friendly target, except himself. The strength of the HoT is still dependant on the number of Overconfidence charges the Packmaster has built up:

 1 - about 3% of the target's max health per tick.

 2 - about 4% of the target's max health per tick.

 3 - about 6% of the target's max health per tick.

 4 - about 8% of the target's max health per tick.

 5 - about 10% of the target's max health per tick.

The range on the Gutter Runner's Sabotage ability has been lowered, preventing it from being used from behind Keep Doors. You can do that? Oh now you tell me

The range of the Gutter Runner’s Spy ability has been decreased to make it work more in line with its intent. The results will still be shown to everyone, but only within a decreased radius from the Gutter Runner. BOOOOO!!! That sucks for me.

The Skaven abilities Leap and Scurry Away now correctly respect the Champion's Challenge moral ability. Awwww haha, really loved leaping out of a champions challenge, made me feel all powerful

Battlefield Objective guards in Tier 1 have had their levels raised.
Fair enough, on my AM today in Blighted Isle I took a BO with 2 WEs on me, killed them too.

Keep Guards in EvC Tier 4 correctly remove themselves from the Keep only when the inner doors have been breached. Finally, that annoyed me so much haha.... no not really.. I .. never even noticed

Battlefield Objective flags now require 10 seconds of interaction to capture, and cannot be interacted with while under the effects of Last Stand. OH DARN, lol.  Loved capping BO flags surrounded by zergs

Keep Guards in Tier 2 correctly remove themselves from the Keep when the Keep doors are breached. Lol.  Remember once in ostland the guards actually bugged and wiped order for us... ahh good times

Leaving ORvR areas, while under the effects of a Skaven-applied defluff DEFLUFF, HURRY! or DoT, no longer warns non Skaven-controlling characters about the risk of losing Skaven control.  Lol, no longer warns me huh?

Mantrap, Rats of War, Warpfire Thrower, and Doomrocket have been fixed to properly respect line of sight restrictions. Awwww doomrocket no more fly through keep walls at people?:-(

Enemy guards will now dispel the Last Stand effect from the player SCREW YOU!. The effect will also be dispelled upon entering an enemy warcamp. GAHHHHHHHHHHH,  I loved using this trick to kill AFKers :-(
go go douchebag moves!


The line-up of scenarios that are permanently available has changed. The new list is as follows:
Tier 1

• Gates of Ekrund I love gates

• Nordenwatch Screw Nordenwatch

Tier 2

• Gates of Ekrund yay gates of ekrund again

• Mourkain Temple I just realized these won't pop

• Stonetroll Crossing Ewwwww

Tier 3

• Gates of Ekrund ALRIGHT!! MORE GATES! :D

• Mourkain Temple Meh

• Tor Anroc I always hated Tor Anroc, so be it

• Reikland Factory Worst SC there is IMO, too much running

Tier 4

• Gates of Ekrund YESSSSS, GATES FOR T4?!?! AHHAHAHA This is AWESOME!!

• Mourkain Temple Ewwww, t2 and t3 was fine.. t4.. NO TY

• Tor Anroc Sigh..

• Maws of Madness Meh, maw is alright I guess

• Reikland HillsNever liked reikland hills

• Serpent’s Passage Serpent's is ok as well


Contested Cities

An update to the Quitter’s debuff has been made for the contested cities. Characters that forcibly log out of the city without the preparation buff and do not log back in during the lifeline timeframe, will now correctly be given the Quitter’s debuff. Awwww

Combat and Careers

Renown Ranks

General Changes & Bug Fixes

The cap for Renown Ranks for characters below Character Rank 36 has been increased. Instead of your Renown Rank being capped at your Rank, characters can now accumulate Renown and Ranks up to double their character Rank. This will allow characters to earn more Renown Ranks before entering each subsequent Tier.  Rat grinding, say bye bye to tru!

Battle Fatigue will now correctly be listed as a Debuff rather than Defensive. That's always confused me, didn't know it was a bug

You will no longer be able to use keep doors while under the effects of roots, knockdowns, or staggers.Good and bad at the same time.  I like escaping while staggered, I like staggering people, then they go through the door.


Disciple of Khaine

Balance Changes

Bleed Out: The tactic is now available at level 35. Meh ok

Efficient Patching: Replaces the former tactic Persistent Rending. The new tactic allows Patch Wounds to cleanse one Ailment or Hex from your entire group. Persistent Rending sucked, YAY! :D  but now I have one more tactic to try to argue with myself about.. :-(

Empowered Transfer: Increases Transfer Essence’s base heal to 125% and the healing from damage to 75%.

Essence Lash: This ability will now deal damage in a large radius in front of the target. For each enemy hit, you will regain 15 Soul Essence points. You will no longer receive Soul Essence upon activation alone. Not a good change IMO, I liked how it gave SE upon activation, oh wellz..

Khaine’s Invigoration: Replaces the former ability Consume Essence. The ability is quick heal on a short cooldown. It is available in the Path of Dark Rites at level 6 Sounds fun! But I didn't know consume essence was going bye bye =O  Oh well, wasn't that great anyways...

Rend Soul: This ability is now available in the Path of Sacrifice at level 6. Right when the patch comes out, I am going to spec into this and see how it does... I'm hoping for awesomeness.

Restored Motivation: Heals will now have a 25% chance to grant your target Action Points. You cannot give yourself Action Points.Not many doks used this tactic but I did all the time, this change sucks, I loved using RM to give myself loads of Morale really fast (I'm assuming they're changing that based on "will now")  So that really REALLY sucks haha

Terrifying Aura: The tactic is now available in Path of Torture at 7 mastery points. Path of Torture?  From what I remember I always used this more in healing spec, =O did I go wrong?

Thousand and One Dark Blessings: The duration has been reduced. Gay.  It was fine already IMO, a pretty overrated move. People act like it's a morale 1 or 2. haha.  It's still awesome though.

Transfer Essence: The ability will deal slightly less damage. The heal portion has been redesigned to heal the group for a moderate amount in addition to half of the damage dealt. The radius of the heal is the equivalent of most group effects and will now heal the Disciple of Khaine as well.Ahhh awesome

Bug Fixes

Fixed numerous tooltip issues.


Quests  NO ONE DOES QUESTS!! Well Eka does.. wait so do I...

The quest rewards for the ‘Mob Mentality’ epic quest have been adjusted to ensure there is no confusion.

Fixed the victory conditions for ‘Enfold the Sty of Sigmar!’ and ‘Capture the Enemy Lair’ to ensure they fire correctly.


General Changes and Bug Fixes

The Renown Rank and level requirements for several item sets have been reduced to allow players to use them sooner in their careers. This applies to the following sets: Annihilator, Conqueror, Invader, and Warlord.

o Annihilator – Level 25 to use, equipable at renown ranks 25-29Haha, ow.

o Conqueror – Level 35 to use, equipable at renown ranks 30-35 What a major change haha

o Invader – Level 39 to use, equipable at renown ranks 40-45 Can you say "OWNAGE IN T3!!"

o Warlord – Level 40 to use, equipable at renown ranks 54-60 At least this will give more equality in t4, VERY good idea by Mythic.  Will also discourage rat grinding

With the new ranks for the above sets, a new armor set has been added to fill in the gap between Warlord and Sovereign. This new set is named as “worn” and will be available from some shady merchants in the less populated areas of the capital cities. The set will not be as powerful as normal Sovereign, but will give a good interim edge for players as they move up in ranks. It requires level 40 to use and is equipable at renown ranks 63-70. MORE GEAR TO GRIND?!?! :-P

Fixed an issue that cause the bind location name for the Unshackled Host to appear incorrectly on the Book of Binding.

Fixed an issue where the tooltip on the Funerary Shroud of Khalida was displaying the incorrect value.

Gholros the Deathless should now properly drop loot.

Gorthlak should now properly drop loot.
Stein effects will now persist through death.
The Caretaker proc for Warrior Priests and Disciples has been adjusted so that the tooltip will accurately represent the amount of healing to be expected.
The Martyr proc for has been adjusted so that the tooltip will accurately represent the amount of healing to be expected.

The 7 piece Warlord bonus for Zealots should now properly dispel additiona hexes or curses.
The Harvest Blade has the correct icon for its item type.

All versions of the Elixir of Tahoth have had their reuse timer increased to 30 minutes

Item Stat Changes

Dark Ritual: Knight and Swordmasters should now have the option of 2 items with different stats at the completion of this quest chain.

Nightflame Pain Link and Painlink of Grief for the Witch Elf should now give Strength instead of Ballistic Skill. 

And the rest is meh
Kind of interested to see how people will react, and how effective the changes actually will be!A

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

I will be like every single other blogger in the whole world and say


Saturday, February 12, 2011


I feel like going over the transfers and how they have DRAMATICALLY effected my lovely lifeoftru.
But first, I must mention that my boredom last night caused me to mess with the bloggers names.  For instance, Hypothetical War is now "Eka's creativity" or something like that I don't remember.  But, in parenthesis there is the REAL name of the blog.
So, It'll say MY title Gaar's Guides n' stuff  and then it will have the ACTUAL name of the blog in parenthesis (Gaarawarr Gabs)  Everything else has remained the same.
If any of you bloggers got a problem with me distorting the blog's name, or dislike the name I have given your blog, please feel free to send me a message in game or leave a comment on one of my posts and say "YO TROOF, I DON'T APPRECIATE WHAT YOU BEEN DOIN' TO MY NAME" and I will set it back the way it was before. (Unless you're Eka, then you have no say in the matter... ok.. even you eka.. even you)

Now I must now start on my post.  Lets go over...

ORvR: My emotion to describe the current state would be...
Yes! Happeh!  I have seen some great orvr in the lakes and it makes me such a happy troof.  In Praag yesterday, as I showed you in my last post, there was RvR running amuck.  Sure it was mainly a tug of war between both side's zergs in the middle of the map, but it gave me renown, and I got 10% last night, TEN PERCENT!! That's like.. I dunno 80k renown or something, that is certainly not bad at all.  The Live Event also CERTAINLY makes the game more fun for me anyways IMO, It gives me something to look forward to I suppose.  Whenever the Live Event starts a timer clicks on in my head and goes "I MUST FIND THE 4 MASKS TO GO TO THE MOON complete this event... :-D"

SCs: The SCs going on make me..

Well, SCs are popping 24/7 now and I absolutely love it.  Last night I was like, "YO, I gonna go to bed at midnight tonight, I'm just gonna do one sc..."
then i queued, then it instapopped, then I was up til 3:30 doing instapop SCs and making me a happy person.  I didn't do bad numbers either, even with the nerfed group heal. "OLD NEWS TROOF, WE NO IT'S NERFED"
I know, but I've been dps this whole time xD
My tops last night was 230k or something like that, I averaged around 160k for the night.  So that's not bad, I also got 40k damage in one of them because of my morale 3 stagger I was usually cleverly (Right when Khaine is about to go BOOM, stagger and run, be sure to spam /dance as you're running away from the staggered victim) Which reminds me, Khaine is Khaine's Embrace has killed me more times than all of the order players combined in that SC I swear.  I always forget that khaine goes boom, or I don't see the warning. Boohoo for me.

Lag: This makes me...

I have experienced worse lag than usual, but I guess if that's the price I must pay for lots of orvr and 24/7 SCs, so be it.  I think that the lag will die down in a few days as well.

Of course, I have gotten pwned by multiple rr 90+ and even a rr 100 (WP shouldn't be able to crit for 3.8K.. XD)

But we'll see how the next few weeks play by!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Results of the merger!!

KUH RAZE EE RvR in praag today.  I haven't seen this RvR in awhile, then again, I just barely went back to heal spec from dps spec, so I didn't really join the zerg much.  But today was great for renown.
And the new faces were absolutely spectacular.
I got to run around with Werit today too in praag.
Yay werit!!!!!!

There has been so many new faces and conversations going on in region that, that I don't know who from who.

Very VERY good good rvr.  Good AAO too!


Thursday, February 10, 2011


To gorfang!  I've been having fun saying "HELLO!" to new people.

Sorry about the lack of post lately, RL issue that will be gone tuesday if not earlier.


This is just a News post, so. yeah.

You may want to follow me on twitter or something because I occasionally post useful info there like why I'm not posting, or.. like.. what I think of Strawberries and whatnot.
And that's all for today.. haha, sorry.

Poll Results: Are you a tome unlock hunter?
Yes: 24%
No: 36%
When I'm bored: 26%
Turtles are the best of the reptiles: 14%

Monday, February 7, 2011

Good + Bad = Bood or Gad. You choose.

So, I'm a bit late on this, and it's become old news of course. But It seems that Volkmar + Iron Rock are being merged with Gorfang.  This makes me a happy tru, because that means I get moar friends to play with (and beg to grind with me)

So.. yay

But what I have been doing lately, is making a trial account and getting him to rank 10, just because I can.  When I'm frustrated with T4 I can just go there and be a douchebag to rank 2 peoplez, I didn't think it'd be this hard to find helm shoulder and capes though.. man.. haha

On a side note: I'm only going to have ONE poll up at times instead of two, which is why this post has some so late by the way.  This is mainly just a news post.  SAWRY

Poll Results: Were you relieved to see the producers letter? (Most spread out poll yet.. all in the 20%s)
Yes: 26%
No: 22%
No..why would I be relieved: 24%
-Meows-: 26%

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's in and what's out, the HOTTEST news about devs.

It was recently brought to our attention that our beloved Andy Belford has left the position of CM, we all know him as the guy who we all blamed, even though he had nothing to with it.  His announcement of leaving has brought out the best in people other than myself (Although deep down, this really ruined my day, even ask my guild, I was pretty sad) and he will surely be missed. Hopefully, he can still be a player of this wonderful game of Warhammer.
However, word in the hood is that James Nichols has taken over Andy Belford's position, so I present you all with this question.
Who can strut that hat better?

We all know Andy as the guy with the fantastic fasion sense in hats

Frankly I have no idea who the guy next to andy is on the top photo.
But he doesn't have a cool hat.

My question is, can James Nichols wear hats as good as Andy? I have no idea what he looks like, and when I tried to wiki him it came up with THIS And, I'm pretty sure that's not him, because if it is, then I will never troll on the boards again.. O.O

Oh.. wait.. yeah I dunno what he looks like.. so..

As you can see with my wonderful art skills, he is wearing a sombrero. Yay sombrero.

On a serious note: Andy Belford will be missed for sure, and it REALLY REALLY REALLY sucks to see him go, it ruined my night, no joke.  Hopefully James will be as awesome as Andy was, and I wish lawts and lawts of luck to Andy in his move.  Hopefully, we'll see andy doing stuff for even more MMOs, and I'll be certain to play those if he does.
Surely one of the reasons I started blogging, just in simple hopes he might see my blog and comment on it (Which he FINALLY did on my core tester post) and being seen on the Blogger Roll call :-D
Thehealeroftru is sad!

I'd also like to WOOT because my zealot named after Arisechicken just hit rank 40, thank you.. rat grinding.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nurgling Mania

As of late PvP has been pissing me off cause I suck so bad, so I've been doing the storylines in order from chapter 1 to whatever I can get to before I get bored.  I actually got to chapter 11 on dark elf.. I think 2nd chapter in avelorn is 11 right? Anyways.. so I got bored and decided that I'd start the chaos chapters.

I didn't get far.

And ever since last night, I've been grinding nurglings near the chaos starting area to attempt to get 100k NURGLING KILLS :D

"Troof!!! How much you be at now?!??!"

Well... 6k... I will get there one day.. YOU KNOW I WILL.

Poll Results:
Are you concerned about the release of rift?
Yes: 12%
No: 15%
No, I'll be playing Rift: 30%
What's Rift?: 12%
When my cat hisses, it makes me giggle in a high voice: 31%