Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was gonna have a nice blog post today. And I had screenshots for it.
But then Blogger decided to be Adam Lambert and not let me post pictures for some reason.
Then I said "Meh, I'll do it with text instead"
then I realized "Why make a terrible blog, even more terrible"

So, instead of giving you a wonderous blog post.  I'm giving you a news announcement, that was going to be disguised WITH the blog post.

I'm taking out the chat, because as I've heard a few times "Why... what... A chat on a blog? WTF?" and instead I'll have multiple polls, switching out not weekly, but probably once every 5 days or so.

I'll try to get the problem fixed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Standing outside the gates of...tru..?

What have I spent today doing?  Waiting for Battle of Praag to pop and just.. sittin' by the gates of Altdorf saying hello to anyone who happens to appear.  I'm too lazy to move and go to IC or.. something, so I just sit here... waiting.. thinking about...

Nothing.  I usually just watch TV and watch family, now enough about me.

I now report I have seen so far today...
A magus, an engi, a witch elf, another dok, another dok, another dok, another dok, another dok, anoth-you get the point, an ironbreaker, a squig warrior, Mel Gibson, Gabriel Iglesias, oh wait, not the last two.
Anyhow.  Now that I've bored you with my gate standing, I'll need to say that Andy Belford advertised my blog. Even though he was probably paid by one of you (speak now, I know it!) he has givin' me a view more viewers probably.  Advertisement week or.. What did I call it? Whatever, it has so far been a success I guess, I haven't looked at my views, I'm too scared.
Way too scared.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Great Referral period

The next few months I'm going to advertise this blog like mad.  As you can see I've added new features (Poll, Chat box, maybe more to come).
The current readers of this blog are all awesome I must say.

You are ALL...
Yes, yes I have used this picture before.  I still have it.
You all rock and would help me a ton if you also took part in referring :-)

I totally agree, it's optional.

In order to encourage everyone I shall...


Right now I have about 20 viewers per day, lookin' for 30 :-P

Participate in polls and the chat box if you please, it's there to be used :-D

Monday, September 27, 2010

I now present to you...I FOUND THE GREATEST ADDON EVAR!

I was bored, lookin on curse, and I found an addon that is now my favorite addon EVAR.


Please excuse the language, I was just testing what I could do with it. But seriously, HOW COOL IS THIS.  You can make it say whatever you want, and I can make it say something when the enemy has 90% health 20% health any % I want pretty much. 
You can even set multiple ones.
Example: 90% was the first screenshot, this one is a lower % and it says...

Again please excuse language, It's just a test, But seriously.  I love this addon almost as much as I love cookies and kittens.  This is certainly going on my favorite addon list (which I probably should make now that I mentioned it.)
I can tell I'm gonna have lots of fun with this addon.

You can make it so it alerts your health, an allies health, or an enemies health.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haha! You know what's NOT funny...

Before I get to QQing, I must mention, the same instance I am going to QQ about, I hid for 5 minutes as the only champion left while order was beating on the king and thinking "WTF IS THE LAST CHAMP" then they found me.




is/are not funny.  Somehow before the king was killed, the champions bugged INTO our spawn point.  We respawn, we die, we respawn, we die.  It really sucked.
Also I still need my freaking 2nd set of sovereign, and I keep getting over rolled by rank 33s and stuff.

And I put up a new poll.  The results from last weeks poll were...
Keep Playing DoK - 26%

Play WH on Badlands - 6%

Play a sorc - 20%

Quit the game already scrub - 0% (thank god)

Uhh there needs to be a "?" not a period - 46%
46+20+6+26 = 98?

Blogger needs to L2P

So.  It seems I get to choose what I d because the last one won.

I dunno what I should play yet, I think it might be my sorc, I've been leveling him up and he's real fun :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mythic's Eternal Citadel critically hits Thehealeroftru for 300 emblems.

Eternal Citadel, what a wonderful/terribad scenerio.

Pros: Lots of emblems/insigs in little time

Con: It's short, I don't get lots of heals, theres nothing to do, I can't even finish one cutscene of family guy before it's over, it's known to cause cancer in the state of california, it's known to cause corn failure in the state of nebraska, it's full of rr 80 premades, ect.

I mean look how short these times are.

GAH.  less than 3 minutes? Really? Really?
This is shorter than Paris Hilton's prison sentence. (and that was short)

4 minutes, I guess that's a bit better, still, really hating the stupid short times!!

When the SC is fun, you're winning 500 every time and farming emblems like no other.
When the SC is boring, you're losing by 500 every time and farming LESS emblems like no other.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So a guildie of mine sent me these screenshots of an EPIC trolling in region today... Read the whole thing, take a look (Name blocked to spare them some honor...)

And... The Healy award goes too... CHICKEEEEEENJUUUNIIOOOORRRRR

"TROO, Dat conversation was STOOPID"
I can't give the whole conversation, he sent me over 50 SSs of pure trolling, I would have chose the best ones, but man, I don't wanna go through all those.
It all started when our person getting trolled says that nubs exit instances, then he left one obviously, and our gangsta person getting trolled says he's gonna put a cap in the family.  (I probably forgot to block out some of him)

The only thing that coulda made the whole thing better was

Monday, September 20, 2010

A story in Mount Bloodhorn of a mythical hero...

So.. In my PQ quest this week I stumbled upon a random Hero in a greenskin rebel camp in Mount Bloodhorn, so I start fighting him and HOLY MOTHER MUFFIN he hits me for 3700.  I'm like.. dang! That's a lot. So I was thinking it's a bug, as no t1 can survive a hit like that.  Today's post was originally gonna be a giant QQ bug report, but then I noticed something weird... 3700 was 1/2 of my total health of 7400.

Anyways, so I drink a wounds/healpower pot. Or is it wounds/willpower... meh doesn't matter, so I drink the wounds pot and sure enough, he hits me for 4000 instead of 3700, 1/2 of my health.

So, to bad I can't QQ.......I r pro at that.

OH, and on a sidenote, (no literally, a side note, because what I'm talking about is on the side....) I have a weekly Poll up, so you can voice your opinion (of the choices I give you, HA! This blog isn't a democracy!!! Wait what..?)
So, have fun, do those.
Another feature I did was at the bottom of the blog, you can now search my blog posts by tag

Blog Viewer: I care.. why?

Well, you don't I just need something to type in order to keep my life energy up.

Now do more PQs! (Or not...)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thehealeroftru's PQ palooza! (And something about Sarah Palin)

That's right, this week is PQ palooza (Whatever 'Palooza' means anyways, 'looza' kinds of sound like my 3 year old cousins way of saying 'loser' and 'pa' kinda sounds like... 'puh' so... what's puh... palooza... oh god, getting off subject again)
This afternoon. 
If PQs bore you, then you may do Orvr on one condition...

1. Follow condition two.
2. Follow condition two...being you may do Orvr

Wait that's two conditions?

Oh well.

Now, Sarah Palin.  The end.
HA fooled you, there was nothing about Sarah Palin!
But I got your attention down here, please viewahs, give a poor RR 80 dok a hand.
Yesterday I was gonna try to free trial of Fallen Earth (looked like a pretty cool game) and when I was DLing it, it overwrote all my frikkin warhammer folders and somehow deleted my vent, as well as all my addons.
I reinstalled them all, but theres one problem... I can log in once a day, if I log out, I can't seem to log back in for that day.  I click on the warhammer, it doesn't even get to the screen where you put in your username and password or anything, it just sits there for 10 minutes then gives me an error saying that it can't find a certain file.

"The patch client was unable to receive the file [] from the patch server (0 total errors encountered). Please try the patch operation again in a short while."

And I don't want to play once a day, because that'd make me sad, as a matter of fact, I think I might unsub from WAR then make an @ post on the forums accusing WAR of using Nerfed Buttons.
You know what, that sounds fun, I might actually accuse WAR of using Nerfed buttons sometime.  While I'm at it, I'm gonna send in a feedback that petitions for the "Master of Muffins" title for me...
Anyways, any help on that issue would be appreciated, even if you try, you still get a cookie.

Friday, September 17, 2010

...and the worst player to ever hit rr 80 goes too.....


And that concludes my compilation of pictures no one cares about but myself.

But seriously, W00T, Procrastinatoroftru finally hit 80.  FINALLY, been like a year and a half.
When I first made this char, I thought it'd be another alt I'd level to like 5, then delete, who knew I'd ever hit 80

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Small Milestone

I'm proud to say that this blog has amassed 1,000 total views, however nothing compared to the 100k views amassed by gaar a few months ago, it is still an epic awesome milestone.
I put it in bold because, hehe, because, ahha, because I thought it'd be funny.  And it was.

And yes, I felt that Peter Griffin has the appropriate comment for this sort of occasion, and any other occasion.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This blog is now unavailable in English: For options, press 6.

El blogo es ahora en... Korean...

I did /language 6 and changed the language to Korean, however I cannot get it to change back to english as the korean client doesn't recognize 'Language' sadly. 
I'll probably have to do something in the user interface to switch it back, who cares though, now when I get ganked I don't feel as sad because I can't read it, it's just cool symbols.

I suggest you try this yourself (Only if you know how to change it back at least)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Deer of Kurnous is gettin' REALLY POed at people clicking on him.

I was in KV taking BOs for renown (I hit rr 79 yesterday, rr 80 here I come!)  and... so... The stag you're supposed to click on came by, and I clicked on him, and he turned and... started attacking me...
See that combat log?  I got attacked by the freaking stag, I thought animals loved me, I guess not.  I was healing myself for the duration of the BO timer, then when it ended I let it kill me to see what would happen.  Then the deer went after a Black Orc...

See?  (I got ressed) after I healed the BO the deer was like "I thought I killed yoo troo!" And he went back after me again, now that the BO timer was over, I ghetto ported to the warcamp by letting mr stag kill me.
He hit for a good 700 average. critted for 1200.  Sometimes hit for 500. and he critted the BO for 1700.
That is one crazy deer.  I warn all of you in KV to stay away from his grasps.  I even got a tell "Why is that deer attacking you"
I thought it was order attacking me at first, and I was like "WHAR ART THOU" and I couldn't find them.  So... yeah...

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello again!  I know I promised something utterly stupid today, so I will give you something utterly stupid.  I'm here in reikland and trying to get renown right now, however there is no aao and in the past four hours of nonstop fighting, I've gotten 8% in renown.  Boo the poo hoo (what?).

No, this is not prejudice, I am american as a matter of fact.  But I expect I lose a viewer or ten, so to make it up, I'll post a picture of....

No? Still bad?  Well, let me hurry and change the subject.

WEEEEEEE, I found a fantastic place to heal today, well... I can't reach anyone, but it's still pretty good place to view the battle, sorta like in the civil war when people took picnics to watch battles.  Can you imagine that in today's world?  In Iraq you wouldn't be complaining about ants, you'd be complaining about scorpions, or spiders as big as your hand.  How terrible that would be.
Now, just SECONDS after I made the first screenshot, a wonderful conversation erupted, the culprit of the conversation?  A rank 15 zealot who was frustrated because he kept on dieing in a t4 zone.  Wonderful t4. Oh wonderful t4.

That's it for today!  Maybe.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thread Derailment FTW

So today, I decided that I'd go to the bioware forums for the first time in forever, an accusation of who cares became a giant fun-fest, (That's what I'm for on the forums)

Is the thread, go there for a little fun read, it's expanding by the minute, it could get malicious at any moment beware you!

Sorry I haven't had any fantabulous pictures or posts lately, just sprinting towards 80, not much fun. =O

Next post will surely be entertaining, at least slightly, mildly...sorta...maybe...

Monday, September 6, 2010


"TROO, DAT AIN'T 80!!!!!"

Yes, I know, but it's the rank I get to equip my awesome skull cloak.

The sad part is... My freaking white hair blocks some of the cloak and that makes me want to...well it makes me want to hit 80. GRAARRRGH.
For each person I kill, I get a skull on my cloak (No not really, that was a joke on how terribad I am)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Died in RvR? Nerfed Buttons is the cause.

So the biggest trend in WAR lately (Or atleast in Gorfang) is to accuse people of nerfed buttons. this would be me explaining to an old player returning, why everyone is so obsessed with Nerfed Buttons.

If a train leaves Chicago at 6:05 PM traveling 87 MPH and a train in Detroit leaves at 6:08 PM traveling at 92 MPH, why does the train from Chicago Make it first to New York?
Nerfed Buttons is OBVIOUSLY the answer to this particular question.  However the Springfield train will jump to the Chicago train's defense because he's played with him a trillion times, and even though he's never looked at his controls there is CERTAINLY no nerfed buttons there.

On gorfang the trend seems to be... Die in Orvr 1 v 1? Well, make an @ post exclaiming your anger, and in that same post mention nerfed buttons in one way or another.

"@Klurkk, DOOD yuu killed meh because I wuz afk, stop using nerfed buttons HAXOR"
Then usually a comment about their guild comes up so on so forth.

Gorfang definitely has giant epeen wars going on, so you on badlands say you have 6 v 6 premades? 
We on gorfang have 4 v 3 premades because some people count for more than one, as their epeen is as big as three people put together.

Oh right, nerfed buttons, well, A few months ago I DLed NB not to use it, but just to see what the hype was about.  I'm telling you, that thing is way confusing, after 5 minutes of trying to figure it out, I was just like "Forget it" and the uninstalled it.  I still have no clue EXACTLY what it does.  I'm pretty sure all of gorfang had the same experience as me.
"Nerfed buttons..why's the hype, lets DL and find out, *5 minute later* this is confusing...Because it's so complicated it must be a hacking type thing!"
or something along those lines.
Forum epeens colliding are enough, but when they happen in vent... it's quite another story. (Towards the end it gets bad)

Anyhow.  I'd like to mention  This is a blog from someone on my server, and to be truthful, I find it full of extremely interesting ideas.  Pretty sweet Ideas if you ask me... just thought I'd mention that.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Deer!

Ahaaa! You didn't see that corny Live Event joke coming did you!!!
Ok, maybe you did as it took me less than 6 seconds to come up with the title.

I got my Fantastic deer cloak yesterday, I r so happy!

This is when I got it, I was the happiest person EVAR....EVAR....Ok not EVAR but I was pretty happy.

This is me prancing, I can finally use the /prance to my advantage and as an insult to any order I happen to kill...Although this is unlikely.

I have yet to get all the rewards and I plan doing that today.

In other words, August Producer letter. Gey.  Ok maybe not so bad, just it reminded me I have to grind out 20 more RRs when I hit 80.