Monday, August 30, 2010


Because of a record low total of 3 views two days ago. ("" in guild chat won't hurt just once :-P... no I'm not a selfish arse...most of the time)  I'm gonna make a post about absolutely nothing and Warhammer in general.

I didn't play the new scenerio, well, just once, and I felt like this:

That scenerio is FREAKING SMALL.

I'd walk out of the starting portal and then get eaten alive by order premades.  And people complain that people afk in that SC, How can you not see why!??!
The worst part is the time I play.  Gorfang is...
Orvr - Destro
SCs - 50/50

Orvr - 50/50
SCs - Order

This is terrible for me, as I play in the afternoon, and my main thing I do is SCs, so I usually join SCs, get whomped, then log off for the night which does not help me strive for 80.
Then the rvr pack will come around and the cap will be raised to 100, which does not help with my want to play my WH. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

XTREME RENOWN + What I think of the RvR pack.

Ahem, thanks to Bootae I decided that I really hate the RvR pack, no it really doesn't have anything to do with anything he said, but the fact he asked his viewers "What are you least and most looking forward to from 1.4 and the RvR Pack?"
I decided I'd give an honest to god answer and...

"What I like least: By the time it comes out, I will have probably BARELY hit 80 by then, frikking mythic making me feel unfinished, screw you!

What I like most: By the time it comes out, I will have probably BARELY hit 80 by then, frikking mythic making me feel--Oooh a kitty! My cat just walked into the room!

Overall Opinion: Damn you for raising the rr cap! In return for this misfortune I expect my blog to be on the next Blogger Rollcall on the herald."
While that last suggestion, no matter how far-fetched, is completely true, I'd like to yell and scream and toss my kitty down the stairs Onto a nice fluffy pillow, (I wub my kitty).
Ok, not really, just anger seems to draw people in and be interested (Think Mel Gibson when in doubt)
Now to the happy part of the day.  400% renown fighting on a BO gave me 3-4% in about 2 minutes, a flip usuually gives me .75-1% renown, so in other words, 2 minutes of fighting against order got me about 8000 renown.
Of course, all that renown in the combat log isn't all the renown I earned in the two minutes, only all I earned in about 10-20 seconds.  I just feel the need to say "HAR HAR, RENOWN!" as renown is my booze.

And... dat be all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some people just NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in Caledor ganking people, and some IB sees me, I don't fight tanks because they take so long so I start to run away, but he follows me.  I repeatedly do morale 3 (It's a stagger) yet he continues to follow me.  Being a DoK I can heal myself up so it wasn't much of a problem... But... holy crap this guy was following me for 17 minutes before I started to take screenshots.
This is Fell Landing...

This is Caledor...
This is a BO in caledor...

And that's all I took before he was killed by a sorc with my help.

If you think that's not much, this dude was chasing me for a total of like 21 minutes, I only started taking screenshots the last 4, we went all over caledor and we could have went into dragonwake or even eataine >_>

Now THAT is dedication.  Am I really that easy of kill? :-P

Friday, August 20, 2010


An E-High Five.
Kind of.

MSpaint FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Double renown weekend, makes me extremely happy, EXTREMELY happy. I ws at 10% into 75 this afternoon, I am not 94% in.  AMAGAD. Happy day for me.
I even got a sovereign piece in city.
Thank you Mythic for this wonderful renown weekend, we need a lot more.  A LOT MORE.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's the "Not-So-Famous Famous people" race! Tired of dark elves? Getting sick of all the ale on your dwarves?  Is chaos corruption ruining your desk job?
There will be the following archtypes: Tank, Healer, MDPS, RDPS like usual!


Whoa!!! Make sure you have you have this MDPS in your group With you With you With you With you...Girl... because he can Punch pretty hard.

Dick Cheney, this was reserved for him after he "Accidentally" shot a hunting partner He sorta is like an engineer, but Engineers have hearts and a pulse.


Really? Do you need an explanation of how Rosie O'donnell can take massive amounts of damage and be unhurt? FAT

Healer: (Purple because it's so easyto get renown)

Dr Dre.  Because he has doctor in his name, who knows if he's actually a doctor, that doesn't matter as he has doctor in his name.


SCREW IT! @%(@%WAFFLE(*%*%@

So in some expansion thing I guess it says they're raising the RR cap to 100.
Screw It! I'm done! (Not really)

I don't have a Link but I think Bootae does, and Wasdstomp has some nice questions about it. (See my blog list to the right somewhere)

I've been psyched about hitting 80 forever (even though I'm making no real effort because I wanna play my WH so bad) I knew this would happen.  When I was about rr 45 I said to my guild officer in Warhounds, "Dude, right before I hit 80, they're gonna raise the rr cap higher, you just watch" 
Not sure if he remembers it, but when he logs on I'm going to remind him that I win the game and I hate being right.

So this leaves me with a decision... Screw hitting 80 first then playing my witch hunter, or just leave my dok at 75 and play my Witch Hunter.
Frankly, I like plan B, however, whenever I play him I get paranoid I'm not yet 80 on my dok.  When they raise the rr cap, then I'll need to get to 100 before I can play my WH, I really want to stab stuff and shoot stuff.

^Mildly Entertaining

I'll see you on badlands (That is until I get paranoid again)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now, I can poke you while I'm mad right after I hug you!

I get the Hug BWs now after 1.3.6 hit today! :-D
(See the terrible MSpaint?)

A whole bunch of new addons were added along with.. what was it? The Sovereign change? Whatever, I get to hug people now! :-D
Today in all SCs I've just been spamming /hug and /poke at people, this is how you have fun in warhammer guyz, dis be it. Right heer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Can someone trooly be the best? Oops, I spelled 'Truly' wrong.

If you look at sports forums like or something then you see like "IS KOBE BRYANT THE BEST PLAYER EVAR!?!" or something like "Da king is bettah den jordan!"  or some other empty minded statement that will certainly be argued.

My point being, can someone be the best in a certain class in an MMO? It's pretty stupid if you think about it, with all those extra programs out there, "Jutuynia can program his nerfed buttons better than Lawlipop" or "Erohwnoitnetta can troll harder than Urtforelaeheht"
It's impossible to know who's better, aside from it being pathetic, if you're the best in a video game, what does that leave you in real life? The worst?

Can a magus summon daemons better than another magus? Can a Witch Hunter accuse people better than other Witch Hunters?  Can some White Lions play with yarn better than other wittle white lions? Can Carrie give information and program better than Andy?
Compare Warhammer to jail, are prisoners like, "DeShawn can stab much better than Donyell." or "Latoya can hide Cocaine a whole ton better than Deeron"

Uh, sorry getting off subject.
I like to think I'm better at spammin my group heals better than any other dok.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mythic announces 1.4 release of butterfly mounts for elves.

An amazing 9001% speed increase
(How much % is the speed increase???)
And wonderful artwork on mythics part, very beautiful creature of nature.
And the best part is it can fly.
You can get multiple kinds of butterfly mounts

A browner shade of butterfly is the cheapest. :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can someone get the damn mail!??!?

For some reason when I'm doing a SC and whenever I see a "You have one unread message in your inbox" I just think, "GAWD, what could it be? Some gear? A long lost friend? Mythic offering me free rr 80?
Then I rush over to the mailbox and usually find either gold spam or that weird return message thing when you send an item.

This happens to be an ACTUAL picture of me when I see I have mail.

No one besides myself sadly shares this weird obsession with the mailbox, which is why I often try to run into order's Warcamp to get their mail as well.