Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some rr 80 dok's predictions on 1.4

Orvr Changes: Oh my god! Thursday Morning everyone is logging on to get a piece of their new orvr, BUT servers are down for patching.... an hour goes by... more patching.  Patching goes an hour over schedule. 
After it's done patching the first 50 people to log in are going to say in region "I'Z FIRST TO LAWG IN! THAT MAKES ME BETTER THAN YOO!" Everyone will start playing their epicness orvr and it will be so fun.
Until about a day or two later.  Friday or Saturday people are going to wear themselves down over orvr and then they will cry because they'z bored now!  Oh no what to do! Why can't Mythic serve to each and every person's needs and complaints. WHY!?!!??!
People will start posting on forums about how boring it is, and then they will rage log and threaten to leave.

The following is a picture of the QQers:

I'm sorry you had to see this.

The new renown training abilities: People will come in and be like "HAHAHHAA this is going to make me soooooo herd ta kill!" And everyone's giggling as they respec to be invincible with their new found flee improvements or whatever the hell they're going to spec into.
Then they CHARRRGEEE into battle! It's glorious at first because they think they are so cool, they're tearing through the enemy.  But theres one guy left.. an rr 80 IB lets say.. he's specced into full defense and they're beating on the dumb IB with two full freaking warbands.  He's been sittin' there spamming /lol this whole time.  And right when he's about to die, a rr 80 RP comes and heals him back to full and runs away so the two WBs can repeat the process of killing this IB.
And then every rage quits.

An example of this confusing player is...

"Ahh I see wut u did thar troo.. Titanic FTL"

"Warcamps are now guarded by a more aggressive mechanic. Players that enter an enemy Realm Warcamp will find they have a limited time to retreat before they are killed.": NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
No more jumping into the warcamps to say HALLO to order :-( (That's my reaction)

Even looking at it makes me say irl "Awww :-)"

Skaven: Everyone will be like "AHH COOOOOOOOOOOOL" and then they will play skaven for a day or two.  Then after a day or two they will DEMAND lizardmen and other things. They will also eat everything like our good friend the John Goodman Skaven from Thanquol's Incursion.

RR 100: You know what, the only thing I have to say about this, is there are going to be people who get this in less than a month guaranteed, and I will be jealously furious at their speed.

Poll Results: 
Yes: 18%
No: 24%
Uhh, Duh: 21%
No Antoine Dodson is: 36%

He's climbin' in yo windows! He's snatchin' yo people up, tryin' to rape 'em so you need to
hide yo kids
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you don't have to come and confess, we lookin' for you, we gon fiiiind you we gon find you so you can run and tell that run and tell that run and tell that home boy


  1. good luck looking for RR100s in less than a month

    for that to happen they would have to make 35k renown per hour, 24 hours a day, 30 days a month.

  2. Great post!

    Whoever the few are who reach RR100 in a short span I won't be one of them.

  3. Level 80 - 100 in 7 days for a low price of $15. Chinesse are stealing our monies! [I do like the new spam reporting stuffs.]
    - Have fun

  4. Ohhhh believe me, theres people out there that will do it...
    Taransula, Xylophone, Qqumber from Gorfang. Those are to name a few that have a possiblity at getting it in a month :-P

  5. Check Renw(DoK) and Totom (Shaman) from Badlands, he'll be up there as well man.

    Plus they're both uber-hunchers (what we call renown stealing name after the infamous Thehunchback for his renown stealing efforts previously! pass it along!!!).

    Between those 2 would be one of the first people to at least 90 before they stopped...and then some.