Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Srs Biznizz Miffic Intarview

Hello! After an angry gobbo named Thraz posted an interview supposedly containing false information I have decided that I will actually give you a SERIOUS interview with 100% real things and real quotes and stuff.

Thehealeroftru: Hello, how are you this fine day?

Mythic: We are good, what brings you here to wherever we are.

Thehealeroftru: I wanted to ask you thinks about Warham-


Thehealeroftru: Oh, why not?

Mythic: If we use the "W" word Games Workshop will sue us.

Thehealeroftru: Oh... Ok. I am sorry... I came here to ask you questions about your game.

Mythic: We'll do our best to answer them

Thehealeroftru: First off.. in the fake interview the angry gobbo said that you were introducing some "T7" armor just for alternate appearance, is this true?

Mythic: That actually is true, we will show you pictures of them right now.

Thehealeroftru: What class will you be showing us first?

Mythic: This armor happens to be for the chosen, I am sure it will be very appealing to the masses

Mythic: This is Kai's pet doggy trying on the smaller version of the armor.

Thehealeroftru: IT'S SO CUTE

Mythic: Yes, very much so.

Thehealeroftru: Can I see the other classes?

Mythic: NO! They aren't done yet.

Thehealeroftru: Oh, so what about new content, will that be added to the game.

Mythic: What do you mean

Thehealeroftru: You know, like new stuff to do?

Mythic: ..umm.. Yeah that might not happen.

Thehealeroftru: Oh dear, and why not?

Mythic: All of the money we make is going to SW:TOR.

Thehealeroftru: I am sorry for your misfortune

Mythic: The head of EA won't do anything until Carrie does what he says

Thehealeroftru: What? Do what?

Mythic: He wants to play a good game of Call of Duty with Carrie...

Thehealeroftru: So what's the problem?

Mythic: He has a PS3.  Carrie has an X-box, ever read Twitter? What else do you want to know about the game?

Thehealeroftru: A big issue amongst the players playing the game is that we want Premade/Pug to be seperate in scenerios.

Mythic: LOL sux4you

Thehealeroftru: Can you make me RR 100?

Mythic: No, we cannot make anyone in Warhammer RR-


The interview was cut short because Games Workshop burst through the windows at hearing the name of their franchise used.

In other news: Game has no news that needs reviewed, and I don't post about my characters because no one wants to know about my characters.  So that is the reason I have been dry on posts as of late. :D

Monday, July 25, 2011

I finally hit 40

My WH hit 40 and I dyed him purple and orange :D

He very pretty

Poll Results: Should the Lockout Timer be reduced?
Yes, to 4 hours: 13%
Yes, to no limit: 17%
No it's fine the way it is: 30%
No, it needs increased: 21%
Perhaps, give me $100 and I'll decide, maybe: 17%

I don't have the money for that, I sorry. :-P

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lockout Timer: A PSA

Every 8 hours...
  • 185,281 babies are born
  • The U.S. increases it's debt by 1.2 Billion dollars
  • Lindsey Lohan steals a necklace
  • Casey Anthony murders a baby
  • Michael Vick kills a dog
  • Adam Lambert changes his sexuality
  • Neovolk gets his account banned
  • A 14 year old playing Black Ops says the word "pussy" 7,273 times.
  • Ke$ha aquires a new disease
  • You are locked out of destro/order
Hello there, Mythic, every 8 hours things happen, and they're not always good things.  I am requesting that you please change the lockout timer to like.. I don't know, 4 hours.  Because 8 hours is too long, not only that but the timer is also buggy, and I've had it not start until I've played about 4 hours in, so instead of 8 hours it was actually 4 hours.  Hell, sometimes when I play my Order character's it doesn't even start... that is until I log out. Played 6 hours, check timer, oh hey, the timer is at 8 hours.

The following picture is of a player who has realized he still has a billion years to play on his lockout timer.
Mwahaha! You thought I wouldn't fit in a cat in this post but I did! But this cat's story is quite sad, he decided he wanted to try a Warrior Priest but ended up not liking the class, so he tried to go back to destro but... HE STILL HAD 7 HOURS ON HIS LOCKOUT TIMER. /gasp
3 hours left would be a reasonable time don't you think?  It would not seem like a large gap like 7 hours does.

But really.. I would suggest that the lockout timer's timer be changed to like.. 4 hours instead of 8 hours, I think 8 hours is too long.

Poll Results:
What would you prefer the devs do first?
Give new content: 50%
Fix old content: 12%
modify existing content (like make pve places into pvp zones):  0%

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I dinged 36 on my witch hunter today, this is my 4th WH to hit 36, the other 3 never advanced beyond this rank... DEATH RANK.

I got tons of exp today because of the tons of scenerio pops I was getting.  It's odd, I got one pop in the past two weeks ive been in t3, then today I got at least 10.  Weird stuff.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Random and more Random

The past few days have been pretty uneventful for warhammer and myself.  The big 'WHATS THE NEWS GONNA BE' passed as we all found out that the news was in fact "We're still here, trolol"

So I really have nothing to say.  But my Sorc hit 40 I guess, chat log ftw.
oh and in all randomness...

Poll Results: For How long do you think you will be subscribed to WAR?
I'm not currently Subscribed: 22%
1-3 Months: 4%
3-6 Months: 22%
6+ Months 18%
I'm unsubscribing once they remove all traces of Cats from Altdorf: 4%

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minor Let Down

 New Content isn't much of a "big" announcement.  But at least I don't need to pay Eka 100g.

EDIT: I heard news a good player Xylophone (Known on Karak Norn, Karak Azgal, And Gorfang) was banned for item duping, which everyone who knows him claims he is innocent.  Xylo is a good player, I know he is an honest player as well and he would never item dupe.  What I think happened is he accepted a duped item without knowing it and was banned for this "offense."  Please email and say he is innocent.  Remember, this isn't coming from a player who played alongside him and had good times, this is coming from a player who had his butt kicked hard daily by this player and made me almost rage quit at some points because he was so good, he is a very nice guy and an honest player.  Thank you in advance if you appeal this to the email I linked.

Poll Results:
What do you give this Live Event's rating?

Best: 0%
Good: 17%
Average: 26%
Poor: 13%
Worst: 4%
They need to add more cats for sure: 39%

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big news tomorrow?!?!

Here is a list of things I think it could possibly be:
  • 3rd faction
  • Free to Play announcement
  • New "content"
  • Kitten Mounts
  • The screening of "Snakes on a Plane" in both the IC and Altdorf.
  • Requirements to give everyone the Coolio hair style in game

if it's not one of these I'm giving Ekaslime 100g.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July for those of you in the U.S.

Theres a hidden stash of fireworks in Destruction's respawn point in College of Corruption. 


Happy 4th of July for people who live in the U.S..  If you live elsewhere, then happy Monday.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I sorry

I am going on a trip for the fourth of July but will be back next week, I had a good idea for a post today to let it off but my dad was caught in a bad accident this day.  So I had no time to do anything of use.

Edit: And if you're wondering he is unhurt, and was the Black Mazda the site speaks of, which is actually grey, person at the scene was colorblind I guess :-P