Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I bet you've never seen anything like this

2 AM - 4 AM wednesday night.. or is it thursday morning... anyhow,
 ADD critically hits Thehealeroftru for 9001 (3.14159 mitagated)
 Thehealeroftru heals himself with doing insane stupid stuff (1 overhealed)

This wonderful land is called "The Kraken Sea" and is a hidden zone behind Chaos Wastes. It includes many cliffs, a giant lake, and an unreachable tower in the middle of the lake.  If you go to the edge, there is a little path you can walk to see under the water in the lake in the Kraken Sea.  Why Mythic made it.. I dunno.

This is another picture of the Kraken sea, this is the side path, below me and mr grot you can see the edge of the world, if I walk off that, I get fall and get ported to my rally point.

This lovely place does not have a name, but I like to call it "Thehealeroftru Land". It's my own private island off the coast of... well.. I won't spoil it for you.  You shall never find my private island. 
Transportation to this island is.... HARSH...  Requires at least 1 healer healing through the drowning to get here (Please don't fix mythic, I love my little island <3)

This would be transportation to the island, long and grueling I tells ya.

Group picture on my private island.

This next picture is a sheer cliff drop found on the outer edges of my private island.  Very pretty. Lots of dirt.

This is.... pssh.. I dunno what this is... this is also near my island.

EDIT ADDED PHOTO: THIS is nighttime on my island, a beauty isn't it.  Very SWEET shot if you ask me.

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