Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Now before I start, I should probably mention that this is gonna be me commenting on 1.3.6 stuff I've seen, so go insane and be happy.

While players who have died recently and are respawning in the warcamp will still acquire zone capture rewards, the idle defenders of the mailboxes will not - Producer's Letter


Finally! Me and my guild have waited forever for this to happen.  1.3.6 Finally took away their cake.  Another change I'd like to mention...

in the event that an army is outnumbered within an RvR lake, members of the outnumbered army will receive a scaling bonus to Experience, Renown and Influence. This bonus becomes active on qualified players after being outnumbered by 20% or more. The bonus cannot surpass 400% and requires at least 6 players of each Realm to be present within the RvR lake. - Was a dev discussion post.

That is a great change, finally I can get into the rvr lakes and dance around and cheer. Yay.

Along with our aesthetic changes to armor, we are also making a major addition to armor sets by adding an armor reforge system for Sovereign armor sets. Armor will continue to drop in the current fashion and at the same rates. However, we will be introducing merchants that contain alternate focuses for the Sovereign armor pieces. This means that if you play a DPS Shaman, you can get your normal drops, and go to this merchant to trade in your Sovereign heal chest for a Sovereign DPS chest. The cost of the new item will simply be the cost of the old one. This process includes a full re-itemization of the Sovereign armor sets. - Producers Letter

Is this good or bad I'm trying to figure out... When I finally finished warlord I was ecstatic because I'd finally gotten the last of the renown healing sets.  Then I figured I might even try dps (despite being heals since day 1) if I can get sovereign.  Then they throw this out!!!
I'm happy that I can advance my healing stuff, but now I'm a bit confused as to what I want to do.

I just wish I could see the stats on the sovereign heal set o.O


Monday, June 28, 2010

Suicides on a rampant increase in Dragonwake

Reports say that this afternoon in Dragonwake after a need to get to the flight master faster, a large amount of destro commited suicide after a Disciple of Khaine screamed "MASS SUICIDE!" in /say. 

Bodies mysteriously disappeared right after life was taken from them, ghosts reported in the Warcamp.

This just in, interview with the DoK who made this happen.

Thehealeroftru: Muffins
Reporter: Why did you convince all these people to jump off the bridge?
Thehealeroftru: Because I thought it'd be funny.
Reporter: How did you do it?
Thehealeroftru: Mass hypnossis.
Reporter: I believe it's spelt "Hypnosis"
Thehealeroftru: You used wrong grammar, it's "spelled"
Reporter: What?
Thehealeroftru: Knock Knock
Reporter: Who's.. uhh.. there?
Thehealeroftru: Muffins
Reporter: Muffins W-
Reporter: I don't get it
Thehealeorftru: Me neither, Ask me if I'm an orange.
Reporter: Are you an orange?
Thehealeroftru: The hell.. No, why'd you ask?
Reporter: Because you sai-
Thehealeroftru: INTERRUPTING MUFFINS, Hey what did the cat say to the dog when it barked?
Reporter: I dunno what?
Thehealeroftru: Meow, what the hell else would it say.
Reporter: Interrupting Muf-
Thehealeroftru: INTERRUPTING MUFFINS, thanks for reminding me.
Reporter: I find you terribly annoying.
Thehealeroftru: I find you terribly nosy and you ain't got no pancake mix.
Reporter: No
Thehealeroftru: This is cheesy and not even mildly entertaining

I apologize, I dunno what came over me with the news scheme.  Anyhow, I have found my favorite new hobby, no one even was gonna jump off, then I did /s MASS SUICIDE!!!!!
And everyone turned around and jumped off.  It was funny and mildly entertaining.
Was hilarious.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Warhammer on drugs (Graphics bugs are EPIC)

Today in the city, my graphics went all funky.
I give you, the fashion line clothing of Clotheshammer Online: Age of Style.

The Candy Wrapper Manticore

The Cardboard Suit

Various Boom Booms

Lycithas and the Bat

The Raven Champion's Dress

Du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu BATMAN!!!!

The Zebanticore

Update: New ones

The American Eagle

The Rainforest Cloak

How could you NOT want to buy these fine pieces of clothing!??!

Not shown (But really did happen): The Rainforest(Only cloak shown), The Twilight Zelda, The Donald Duck, The Spiderman

Sadly, at the end of this instance, instead of getting the sovereign lewt bag I wanted, the game opted me out by itself. Slash WRISTS

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I demand a free sovereign bag!!!1!!11!1!1!1!!11!!mUFFINS

Today in the city, In stage 3 I (sniffs) got ported out of the instance before karl franz was dead, I was certain to get a sovereign loot bag!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Skaven Love Stories

Once upon a time Yesterday in Dragonwake, everyone's favorite MDPS reroll Torgaan turned into a skaven in the destro DW WC. I think order should use torgaan as a distraction to get destro off the rvr lakes, because we had freaking 1/2 the server crowded around him sitting in awe as if they've never seen a damned Witch Hunter in their lives.  I decided I should probably do a madden sketch for this showing how many people COULD NOT kill the orange-named torgaan.
See all those greendots? See that red dot? See the blue dot? The blue dot is me causes I needed to feel special.  Now look at the red dot torgaan, he was not rvr flagged. 
Now, I wish he had flagged accidentally because that would have been EPIC. One second he woulda been all skaveny, and the next, it would have been PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW. dead.
After he ran out of the WC, I had to chase him as a skaven, I chased him all around Dragonwake just so I could have a chance at saying hi.  If you think about it, it was like a giant skaven love story.

It was awesome fun, until he mysterously disappeared, then I went to my WH on badlands to get inside the destro warcamp and be special like torgaan (SUCCESS btw)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

T4 chat needs to be like this ALWAYS

T4 realm chat at 1 AM this morning was CLASSIC.
Read that whole thing.

CLASSIC, no MSpaint, no Photoshop needed for todays blog post.  That is HILARIOUS!  I even got a ":-D" in there some where.  T4 chat needs to be like this everyday.

My only question is, how long is everyone's ban gonna be?

EDIT: Forgot to add that it IS in order from top to bottom, but top and middle have the same text in there somewhere because I screwed up/

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is this Lucky, Unlucky, or am I just paramanoid?

Today was a good day for my city seiges.  I had been planning on playing cat and mouse with order the whole time.  Heres how my two instances went.
1. Stage 1 won, stage 2 lost, stage 3 lost
2. Stage 1 won, stage 2 tied, stage 3 won.

Even though I didn't win all three on either, it still was really fun.  I'll go over the 2nd instance I was in as it makes me moar ROFLing mad than the 1st one.
It's not stage 1, nor stage 2 I cared about, but stage 3.  Destro won and I got a GOLD LEWT BAHG!!!! Problem is, I got my helm... for the 3rd time in a row...

Out of frustration I scribbled lots and lotz.  I have THREE of those stupid helms, THREE.  What's worse, is that I cannot salvage it.  BOOHOOS.

Then the 1st instance we  blah blah, stage 3 I wanna talk about again.
You know how when you lose, everyone runs back and you wait to be slaughtered? Yeah well I actually charged into order and past them all the way out of the palace, then legendaryheals followed me.
The end.

I dunno what else to say so....


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ultimate sooper dooper Tome Unlock week!!!!!


This is yet another sad excuse for me not doing RvR but it's sure fun.  I've decided that from today until sunday I will do tome unlocks non stop.  But the good thing is on sunday I am forcing myself to do non stop rvr for a whole week.  I have pondered for hours of something funny or mildly entertaining.  So I give to you...
A unicorn playing basketball

I know.  But this is one of the many sights you will see trying to unlock Tome crap, at the moment I am farming unicorns because I do not use tome titan because I like the challenge.
In this next SS you will see me regretting my decisions to kill unicorns.

Yes sad tragedy.

That is all for today.  Expect something stupid/mildly entertaining tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A small serious post

Well since I have nothing to say today, I will just celebrate my dinging rr 70 and finally getting full warlord.

I forgot how I did it, probably stealing some renown from a Mara or something when I healed him a 1/2 second before he killed someone.  But I did it... yes... I did... sure it's not 80, but it's farther than I ever thought I'd get with all my screwing around and pugging nearly all the time. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guild Dance Parties

Today was my 1st day doing RvR in a few days and I thought it would be boring.

It was.
It was boring.
The end! Good bye.

Just kidding.  Today wasn't bad at all.  In Caledor there was some pretty good rvr,  not that I participated.  More of running around and doing nothing.
After running around a bit, I came up behind torgaan and Stabbed him in the back with beef jerky spammed /cheer at him while running around as a skaven.  I really thought he would then invis then come friend behind me and kill me faster than.. faster then.. uhh... I have no comparison.  I thought he would just kill me fast.  But instead to my pleasure, he turned into a skaven and started running around too. Luckily before we got wiped (Which you will see an imitation of in the screenshot) I got a nice screenshot so I can show off.
I tried VERY hard to save Torgaan.  But my efforts went unnoticed as a bunch of destro nom nommed him up.  Poor Torgaan.

Now for the $250,000 dollar question...
My next screenshot is...

  1. A party

  2. A voodoo ritual

  3. duck duck goose game

  4. Muffins

  5. All of the above

You're all wrong the answer is "A guild meeting" but I really thought this was the most epiczorz guild meeting I've ever seen. There were banners in the middle, 1/2 of them all were naked, There was dinosaurs, ect.
It looked like the biggest WAR party I'd ever seen.
I was really tempted to stab them in the back with beef jerky run in with my guild banner and just slam it down and start doing /dance and /cheer.  But I knew that would probably not be good.  I think my guild should from now on do our guild meetings like this.  It would make me the happiest dok in the whole entire world.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm back

Well I was gone for 5 days or so... I took lots of pictures of squirrels on my vacation.

And that's all I have to say today. >_>

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guess that Location

So a few months ago I did something like this on my alliance website, and figured, "Hey, why not doing on my blog."  So, today I went around with several people and did some random PvE stuff and whatnot.  So I have 5 screenshots here.  Since none of you do PvE (Pssh, who does besides me?), I'll give you 4 Choices for each Pic.  Sadly, I cannot give rewards to Order or anyone on another server, so this needs to only apply for Destro Gorfang.  1 correct gives 1g, 2 correct gives 5g, 3 correct gives 10g, 4 correct gives 25g, all correct gives 50g.

I will not be making a post tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and possibly saturday because I will be on a little vacation.  I'll check the answers late saturday or early sunday.

OH, by the way.  My guild banner are in some of these because I was thinking of putting them on guild website too >_> so yeah.

1. Dawn Break Manor, Eataine
2. Tempest Horn, High Pass
3. Sigmarite Temple, Black Fire Pass
4. All The King's Men, Reikland

1. Fortress of Caledor, Caledor
2. All the King's Men, Reikland
3. Burn Rock Tower, Barak Varr
4.  Kruegar Haus, Talebecland
1. Sacred Ground, Nordland
2. Mistwood Grove, Blighted Isle
3.Malyros' Rest, Caledor
4. Keeper's Vigil

1. Caladain Steppe, Dragonwake
2. Glittering Citadel, Eataine
3. The Fortress of Caledor, Caledor
4. Follow the Light, Eataine

1. Tomb of the Vulture Lord, Elf Style, Chrace
2.The Fortress of Caledor, Caledor
3.  Quyl-Isha Temple, Avelorn
4. Ruins of Anlec, The Shadowlands.

And thats it.
Yes, I couldn't help but put stupid edits in some of the photos because I'm weird like that. 

See you guys Saturday/Sunday

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rank 8 keeps make destro go boom.

Today I almost made it to city simply by saying in alliance: "Anyone wanna go take a BO or two".
I took the BOs in DW then holy crap, a dude advertises my wb in /t4 and in an hour we had 3 WBs running around.
After the flips of Praag and DW, we went to reikland and finally met opposition. By now we had about 5 WBs. So we flip Reikland and head to Eataine. Holy crap. We had a rank 4 keep and a rank 8 keep. The rank 4 keep we took down. Then we moved on to some BOs and finally the rank 8 keep.
We had so many people running in the same direction I felt like I was at a spanish soccer game. People running around, trampling young children, mad their team lost. A good chosen on the server, Deathicael, always says that WBs start up when someone 'Throws a chair'. I finally get what he meant. We had a freaking riot running around and so did order. The worst part is, I usually NEVER do orvr nonetheless lead a WB.  This was my 1st WB ever and it happened to almost make it to the city, in primetime!  Anyone else feel this is quite an accomplishment, or am I just being a scrub.

The above is the picture of us charing to the keep.  At 1st sight it looks like there is no order inside.  So we set up the rams, started banging on the door.  We get the ram up, and we get oil poured on so on so forth regular keep experience. I'm thinking, 'Hey we're not doing bad!' and then we get to the 2nd door.
I have no clue how much people order had, but it had to be over 200.  We had to hold off 2 WBs coming from east and west sides of the keep, then to top that off there were a bunch of rdps at the top near the oil and certainly lots more in the lord room and on 1st floor.  After maybe 30 minutes of me trying to keep it together in vent, and the whole WB afking because (Later told to me in tells) "It's a keep, nothing ever happens in keeps, we just went afk because we were bored."
Yeah well nice job.
FINALLY, the door breaks down and we charge in leaving the 50 people afk to be slaughtered.  The remainder of the people climb of the stairs only to be met by a ton of order.  I took a nice screenshot to show that I was the 1st one in the lord's room :-D.

This isn't even the most order in the keep, I took 2 Screenshots because in the 1st one, there were so many order you couldn't see my body.  This pic so happens to be right after 3/4 of the people in the room ran out to wipe the other destro.  Then after the wipe.  Everyone sorta.. left... So I tried to take BOs in BC, but then order showed up and wiped us all. Then I stopped to write this blog post.
But, if you look at the good side.  The 1st serious WB I have ever led, I almost made it to the city, ONE zone away.  Go me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Humorous guide to City Stage 3.

(1st, I just wanted to say I am now on twitter, , Follow if you wish)

The instance starts out with usually Tchar'zanek (Probably Mr. K Franz too) saying you guys all suck for being spawn camped (At least, thats what I got out of it) and we need to kill the enemy king, blah blah blah so one. For some reason Tchar'zanek is really mad. My guess would be his Chicken legs he has, (No, they're not skinny, they just go back like a chicken) my guess is was in a serious accident (probably when he was a teenager, doing something stupid like assaulting Nordland or Finding a Chaos God) and has not since recovered.
Interesting back story, this all started because in high school, when Mr. K and the big T-Z were friends. They fought over a girl probably and Karl Franz was royalty so she probably went to him and Tchar never got over it. You know, maybe Karl will have a Son and Tchar will have a daughter and the son and daughter fall in love, plan to run away to Mantua Avelorn without their parents ever knowing. Then they kill themselves in the dramatic end...
Oh right, city, shoulda taken my A.D.D. medicine today. Anyways, so while he's talking you have lots of thoughts.
"Who's gonna be the champion?"
"Will I be the Champion"
"I hope that Lowbie isn't champion"
"Please have the champion not be a dps dok"
so on so forth as shown in my screenshot below.

Next, you run out into the statue place and kill every living thing you see.  Given that you don't get aoed down by a premade of the opposite realm.  Of course the kings need to focus on each other because of that old high school rivalry.  It's sorta like Harvard vs Yale or Montague's vs Capulets.  No one really knows who started it, and no one likes to be the sore loser who breaks tradition.
Anyhow, they battle it out and you fight the other's teams lucky people who got to be champions. (Maybe even unlucky because it just makes you a bigger target, Personally I think it'd be awesome if mythic added to the game a little arrow pointing to the champion that says "KILL ME" instead of just a pillar of red or blue)
But if you watch they both fight viciously, in your mind you think, "Wow, stupid evil Tchar'zanek, doing the bad thing" but if you look closer its not what's on the outside that counts. It's on the inside,  Before this city push Tchar'zanek got a letter from a little girl, and he was just doing this for the little girl.  Meanwhile, you are getting injured, burnt, lawled at, and you now have footprints in places where footprints should never be. 

Notice how there is so much AoE the air gets all distorted. 

So, now the opposing realm pushes you into your spawn point while your poor Tchar/Franz is left to face a horrible death of lots of fire and a poor reminder of the little girl he let down.  Now since I have no more fighting to go over (Other than saying go into the champ party even if not a champ and claim you're "support" for more renown, ssshhh) I will tell you to observe the area and look at order's top 10 champ people. It changes every week, I feel VERY bad for the stone carver that has to do this weekly.  Must be a sad, long, boring life.

In the meantime, be sure to tell everyone to attack tanks in /SC then brag about your score no matter how low.
Ex: DING!!! 45.07% INTO RR 47!!!!
Ex: Ahhh yea, Thehealeroftru critically hits Sadaell for 163 damage. 

Now here is a lovely screenshot drawn madden-style so you can explain professional what happens now.  You see, now your only option is to spam your favorite move, or your least favorite move.  Based on this SS though, Order NEEDS to wipe that graffiti off of the walls.  I hear it is a really ratty town (Not any better to IC, IC is a daemony town)

Then once your king gets waffle-stomped, your spawn barrier goes away and opposite realm runs at you like a rabid walrus hungry for Pink Dolphin flesh. This is where you RUN even though there is nothing you can do about because your king being defeated makes you shiver in fear and give in to swords and death and sadness and plague and Lazytown and whatever grisly things order can think up.
Fortunately for me, I at least get featured on Order's Happy Summer cards, Yay.

It's gonna be hot! Hurry, Beaches in Nordland and Reikland are gonna be filled to capacity before you know it.

And that is all you should know about City stage 3.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thunder Mountain, Gaarawarr's contests, and moar!

So I thought I'd give the title a cheesy title because its a title and titles should give the idea of the post.  Title.

But seriously, I'll start out with today's Thunder Mountain RvR.
Night started off well with a keep defend (I predict @order forum post, checking after I make this blogpost) it was excellent for destro.  I got lots (2%) of renown, I got lots (pssh I dunno) of inf and lots of kills.  Personally, I think I may have gotten reported for sprinting out of the keep doors doing /s ALAHU AKBAR and then morale bombing, some people seemed annoyed, but some people in guild teamed up with me so I kept doing it.  Eventually, order got pushed back in a smart strategic manuever to take BOs and what not.  So they take the BOs, we take 'em back.  Then we all afked at a random BO and said "Lets wait".

So, I thought I was the only one who afked, not apparantally so, when I come back order is killing the mid BO and it looks hopeless.

So I hope you all like my pathetic picture I got from google image. I really wanted that flip.  The good news is, my plan for 15% per day is right on schedule, I'm right on 45% today, 45.00%

Now to Gaarawarr's (Certainly spelt it wrong) contests, Not sure whats going on but with the items he linked it certainly looks like a fun time.  I think if I read it right it said to make a twitter account and follow him, which I am now doing.  Oh well, those items he showed look awesome (except the skaven cape, I have that)
I won't do much with it I think, if I remember to get on it.  But you know.  Might as well try to be active on it.

Stay cool guyz