Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quest Website is the quest database place thing I have.  I love questing, so I might as well create guides for others as well, right?
Don't expect anything special, it's my first website I have ever attempted to make.  If you see any problems with it, any mistakes, misspellings please tell meh.

Also give me recommendations.  I'm starting on the first 3 chapters of empire on the test server.  Then I'll probably do dwarf/greenskin then elf. :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Should I Publish the quest website early?

I have 3 chapters down.  I have been working on it, should I publish it early? :D

Also.. Poll Results: 

What is the best class in the game?

DoK: 0%
Chosen: 5%
Witch Hunter: 0%
Warrior Priest: 0%
White Lion: 5%
Other:  22%
Charlie Sheen's Warlock: 66%

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What am I doing? Oh.. just waiting..

I have not been able to play dragon age 2 yet because of
No don't worry, I'm still strictly Warhammer only.  I just need to sulk somewhere.  There has been no fix for this issue (that many are having) and I really just want to kick a trashcan so it flies dramatically across the air before hitting the wall and making a sound.

But.. on the GOOD news... Tripod FINALLY fixed the issue I was having with making my site, and now I can continue on my quest website :D.  Guess I'll log into WAR today after all :-D 

Poll Results: Will you play Dragon Age 2?
Yes: 37%
No: 6%
I have no idea what that even is: 6%
Don't know yet: 6%
Still waiting on Kitten Age to come out: 43%

And the NEW choice...
I would but the game bugged on me : 98%

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am taking a week or two off of WAR to play Dragon Age (Though I shall continue to post).  Since Dragon Age 2 is coming out soon, I might as well get used to the story again!
Poll Results: Is making a quest website a good idea?

Yes: 42%
No: 5%
I don't care: 0%
Yes, but only if it has KITTIES!: 52%

Speaking of the update on the website:  Not going good.  Can't find a desirable site to host my database :-P  I'll find one one way or another however

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I declare myself to be the only DoK who used the tactic Restored Motivation, (Any time you use Restore Essence it gave morale.. lots of it) and the change to it being AP instead of Morale makes me a sad DoK.  I slotted Restored Motivation because when I got ganked I could build that up then morale 3 stagger and GET OUTTA THAR!  But now that I can't do that, I'll either have to..
A.  Take the Gank like a man
B.  Find a new escape route

Knowing my laziness I will probably do A...



On the website news.. DARN YOU TRIPOD for you have not answered my call for help... and it has really made me sad because I can not post... and not being able to post has halted my quest searching...  I haven't even gotten chapter 3 done yet!  

If anyone has any GOOD free webmaking sites (I'm fine with having a .tripod or a .whatever at the end.. like it was going to be but now it can't be because tripod isn't fixing my problem)