Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"...My favorite random blogger"

As the only random blogger in the game, I do say HUZZAH as he didn't refer to me as least favorite... even though he could have.

That is all.

I had two questions answered.  I forgot what they were about ALREADY (I just like having my name said, makes me feel special).  One was about lairs though. 

Patch tomorrow omg, I'll make a nice post tomorrow.


  1. Possibly the best and most appropriately matched picture ever.

  2. IT made me chuckle :)

  3. Oh my goish man, that's awesome!

  4. Anyone know a site where I can make those kinds of pictures. I forgot =O

  5. D= Thats a big negative 10-4 over..... Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Did you go back to your DoK yet? huh huh huh? =D

    I needs some informations......whats your fav spec for healing and why o.0 Because I need to know.

    Well actually, make a blog about it! I'll read it anyway xD

    -- Runnar/Killaheals

  6. Okay Tru, that picture made me laugh!

    Well played young man. Well played.

  7. Runnar, I go pure surviving.

    And ty Shadow.

  8. Yeah I understand that I meant which stats etc. etc., I want details maaan! Deeeetaaaaillllllllssss! !!