Monday, February 7, 2011

Good + Bad = Bood or Gad. You choose.

So, I'm a bit late on this, and it's become old news of course. But It seems that Volkmar + Iron Rock are being merged with Gorfang.  This makes me a happy tru, because that means I get moar friends to play with (and beg to grind with me)

So.. yay

But what I have been doing lately, is making a trial account and getting him to rank 10, just because I can.  When I'm frustrated with T4 I can just go there and be a douchebag to rank 2 peoplez, I didn't think it'd be this hard to find helm shoulder and capes though.. man.. haha

On a side note: I'm only going to have ONE poll up at times instead of two, which is why this post has some so late by the way.  This is mainly just a news post.  SAWRY

Poll Results: Were you relieved to see the producers letter? (Most spread out poll yet.. all in the 20%s)
Yes: 26%
No: 22%
No..why would I be relieved: 24%
-Meows-: 26%

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