Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nurgling Mania

As of late PvP has been pissing me off cause I suck so bad, so I've been doing the storylines in order from chapter 1 to whatever I can get to before I get bored.  I actually got to chapter 11 on dark elf.. I think 2nd chapter in avelorn is 11 right? Anyways.. so I got bored and decided that I'd start the chaos chapters.

I didn't get far.

And ever since last night, I've been grinding nurglings near the chaos starting area to attempt to get 100k NURGLING KILLS :D

"Troof!!! How much you be at now?!??!"

Well... 6k... I will get there one day.. YOU KNOW I WILL.

Poll Results:
Are you concerned about the release of rift?
Yes: 12%
No: 15%
No, I'll be playing Rift: 30%
What's Rift?: 12%
When my cat hisses, it makes me giggle in a high voice: 31%

1 comment:

  1. The only person I know with one of those 100k kills titles did by turning on the KotBS damage aura in T1 and going to bed. Because he stayed in combat the whole time, the game didn't flag it as AFK, and after a few weeks he'd earned the title 'Killer of 1000 Snotlings' - a title that rather under-sells the achievement.