Thursday, February 17, 2011

The PTS Esperience. 3.0!.. wait.. 1.0?

The first thing I noticed as I logged on, what I was really big.  I thought it was a bug at first, but then I was all "Oh yeah, 100 makes you BIG! :-D"  So I was kind of confused for a second, but it was all good. Or was it.
LOOK! We're all big! Other than Schirge, what an outcast! He isn't one of the cool kids.. or destros or whatever. 
But as I went to the trainer I first wanted to check out Khaines Invigoration, and holy crap is that move crazy.  Not even in heal spec (in heal gear though) and it healed me for 1731. (Crit for 2423) .5 second cast, can be used on the run.   The weird thing I thought, is it costs AP instead of SE. 
But I put my points into healing and the numbers jumped to 1851 (crit for 2646)
of course, I'm forgetting this is in WARPFORGED, I can't say anything about sovereign.
I decided I'll spec into improving Rend Soul and see how that goes, I even had left over points to get the heal debuff from torture tree.  My only concern is the new morale 4 for the sacrifice tree...

How OVERPOWERED this is, I mean REALLY Mythic?  This is possibly the worst change you've made to any class, we wanted a nerf for the DoK, yet you give us the most overpowered morale in the history of morales?
Absolutely Ridiculous!  I'm sure Eka has TONS to say about this matter of this tremendously Overpowered Morale Ability!

Onto my next thing, I decided to walk into bile (Bilerot Burrow, rank 40 dungeon, the IC) to test out my rend soul on the mobs here. With ease staying alive, however I am concerned with Rend Soul.. the tree it's in is maxed out, yet it only crits for 300... Oh wait.. I'm still in my heal gear.
Ahh here we go, YOU CRITICALLY HIT BILEROT PUSTONGUE FOR 750.  You know what that means? a heal that heals for 2.5k+.
Maybe, just maybe, Melee Healer is viable.

Poll Results: Has the transfer been good?

YES!!!: 11%
Sure: 26%
No: 8%
Absolutely not: 8%
I'm on badlands: 2%
I'm on dark crag, where is everybody?: 41%

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  1. I play destro. But doks are stupid OP.