Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I spent my wonderful day on the PTS, and boi do I look hawt.

That is the new DoK gear.  Shoulders look awesome IMO.  I have tons of screenshots from the PTS so I'll go over all of them >:-)

By the way, I created a guild called

And.. without even trying, ninjaed everyone from Andy's guild.  I thought my guild was pathetic and no one would join, but people did and in the end I had 3x the members of Hugs Inc, Andy's guild :-( 
I offered to combine guilds (my guild wasn't leaving when I told them too, which I partly was happy about
CONAN! CONAN!) but he said it was fine, but I was left with the strange impression that he strongly disliked me...

But AMAGAD, look, heres some of the gearsets for classes.

The Gas Mask

The Roman soldier thingy with large eyebrows.

The Medieval Knight with Dwarfism.

The Antoine Dodson with a mustache.

The Larry King with a beard.

The tango... with a mustache...

But... As for the actual gameplay.. It was alright, seems a bit OP atm (900 toughness BWs crit you for 4.5k) but I'm sure Mythic will fix it all up so it's nice and pretty. ^_^

Bye bye, off to watch conan


  1. WHAT!? NO MENTION OF ME!? I made your guild... I thought we had something special... I'm hurt. Imma going to go eat more ice cream now. Though my name was in one of the picture when I complained about my boots. WTB Chickguards with high heels.

  2. Ans, you're destro right? on IR I mean :D

    I iz sorry ans! Here's a mint shake, I have 20 of them /dance

  3. Ansaira of Iron RockNovember 11, 2010 at 2:34 PM

    Destro I am on Iron Rock.