Monday, July 18, 2011

Lockout Timer: A PSA

Every 8 hours...
  • 185,281 babies are born
  • The U.S. increases it's debt by 1.2 Billion dollars
  • Lindsey Lohan steals a necklace
  • Casey Anthony murders a baby
  • Michael Vick kills a dog
  • Adam Lambert changes his sexuality
  • Neovolk gets his account banned
  • A 14 year old playing Black Ops says the word "pussy" 7,273 times.
  • Ke$ha aquires a new disease
  • You are locked out of destro/order
Hello there, Mythic, every 8 hours things happen, and they're not always good things.  I am requesting that you please change the lockout timer to like.. I don't know, 4 hours.  Because 8 hours is too long, not only that but the timer is also buggy, and I've had it not start until I've played about 4 hours in, so instead of 8 hours it was actually 4 hours.  Hell, sometimes when I play my Order character's it doesn't even start... that is until I log out. Played 6 hours, check timer, oh hey, the timer is at 8 hours.

The following picture is of a player who has realized he still has a billion years to play on his lockout timer.
Mwahaha! You thought I wouldn't fit in a cat in this post but I did! But this cat's story is quite sad, he decided he wanted to try a Warrior Priest but ended up not liking the class, so he tried to go back to destro but... HE STILL HAD 7 HOURS ON HIS LOCKOUT TIMER. /gasp
3 hours left would be a reasonable time don't you think?  It would not seem like a large gap like 7 hours does.

But really.. I would suggest that the lockout timer's timer be changed to like.. 4 hours instead of 8 hours, I think 8 hours is too long.

Poll Results:
What would you prefer the devs do first?
Give new content: 50%
Fix old content: 12%
modify existing content (like make pve places into pvp zones):  0%


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