Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minor Let Down

 New Content isn't much of a "big" announcement.  But at least I don't need to pay Eka 100g.

EDIT: I heard news a good player Xylophone (Known on Karak Norn, Karak Azgal, And Gorfang) was banned for item duping, which everyone who knows him claims he is innocent.  Xylo is a good player, I know he is an honest player as well and he would never item dupe.  What I think happened is he accepted a duped item without knowing it and was banned for this "offense."  Please email and say he is innocent.  Remember, this isn't coming from a player who played alongside him and had good times, this is coming from a player who had his butt kicked hard daily by this player and made me almost rage quit at some points because he was so good, he is a very nice guy and an honest player.  Thank you in advance if you appeal this to the email I linked.

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  1. yeah, we got plenty of videos of this "innocent guy" bugging himself into spawns etc ^^

  2. Zylo: The End.

  3. Viidas, you wonderful stalker. Still upset over that -66? Poor baby, the scars just won't heal!

    Jumping on terrain to get into spawns isn't against the EULA or TOS. It is the result of bad programming and chickenshit destro, however. We don't want the scenario to last the full 15 min any more than you do, so why not force an end faster?

    Ring doesn't cheat. I've played alongside him for over a year with the knowledge that many think he does and was wary, but I've never seen anything unusual or out of place. It's just butthurt scrubs being angry over being defeated in a PvP game, nothing more, nothing less.

    I hope he gets his account back so that the ultimate duo can be back in action!


  4. I agree with you Tru and Liandel *waves* who probably doesn't remember me, but I actually have played alongside them before plenty of times and never have suspected Xylo of cheating at any point. Hell they even once yelled at me in Reikland for capturing a keep with the wrong banner! But i still don't believe Xylo hacks.

    If he did, he wouldnt die as often as he does ;)

    -- Runnar.