Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Mythic...

Dear Mythic.. Why did you put this area of random champions and heroes behind a PQ in Chrace?
It make no sense good friends! Well you know what..

Dear Mythic.. why do you have any of these Hero/Champion and Random Heros?  I mean they're all over the map :(  It's not like you get anything if you kill them.

And this isn't all of em I've found, just the ones I've taken screenshots of in the past.  Who can forget the random Hero High Elf in Avelorn, or the Hero Treekin in caledor.  I do all the quests so they can't be for a quest.  And they're usually not for a tome unlock (Other than the Hydra above... I just wanted to show him) so Mythic.. WHY THEY THERE??!!? They all over teh map in all teh zones!!

Dear Mythic.. Why isn't this mine blowing up?
I found it off the coast of barak varr while exploring a day or so ago and it didn't esplode. and I was sad.  Very sad indeed.  Why it no esplode?

That is all the questions I have for you Mythic today..



Oh, and Ekaslime launched his new mock patch.  Check it out.

Poll Results: By Eka's Request...who is Kai?
An Actual Person: 16%
Carrie in disguise: 44%
A mixture of all the devs: 11%
Robot Made my the Government: 22%
Cookiie's way of saying "Ok": Cookiie (5%)


  1. Funny thing: I was swimming around this mine (it could have been a different one, but still in Barak Varr) a veeery long time ago when my IB was young enough to roam in Barak Varr. And suddenly... I noticed I wasn't alone there! Some ugly squig herder were swimming the other way and he shot me to death!

    So yes: swimming heavy armor dwarf shot with the gobbo arrows in the water. :)

  2. My 5% is greater than the 44%!!!!!!!!!!!! Cookiie numbers are bigger =D Btw, you mushtah post our duelling contest and do a blog on duelling!!!! I think it would be cool [= might even get a few peeps to come back to doing it because when its on its fun :D

    -- A Cookiie or a Blood of the above ^^

  3. Oh and Lost vale is the best dungeon <3

    -- A Cookiie or a Blood of the above ^^