Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I declare myself to be the only DoK who used the tactic Restored Motivation, (Any time you use Restore Essence it gave morale.. lots of it) and the change to it being AP instead of Morale makes me a sad DoK.  I slotted Restored Motivation because when I got ganked I could build that up then morale 3 stagger and GET OUTTA THAR!  But now that I can't do that, I'll either have to..
A.  Take the Gank like a man
B.  Find a new escape route

Knowing my laziness I will probably do A...



On the website news.. DARN YOU TRIPOD for you have not answered my call for help... and it has really made me sad because I can not post... and not being able to post has halted my quest searching...  I haven't even gotten chapter 3 done yet!  

If anyone has any GOOD free webmaking sites (I'm fine with having a .tripod or a .whatever at the end.. like it was going to be warhammerquests.tripod.com but now it can't be because tripod isn't fixing my problem)

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  1. Where you been tro0f? =[ Cookiie is sad. he's rr 86.25 (i know i level like a maniac, my friends shaman is rr90 nao!) and has noooooo dee oh kAi! to partnah wif =/