Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Having fun in t4... wait that's a boring title.. how about... OWNING FACE IN T4... no that's not true..

How about... uhh..... I have no good title for today.

But.. anyways..

I'm not OFFICIALLY in t4 with my lovey little Witch Hunter.. I'm just rank 30, and therefore can fly to the t4 zones.. I don't get the buff yet to 40, but however I can become a gutter runner and that increases my damage dealt by OVER 9000 a fairly good amount, enough that I can kill the wandering Zealot or the afk DoK.

However, what I failed to realize before I went into t4 is... how often will Gutter Runners be available... who does TI anymore? And those who do TI, who actually turns in the skaven stuff?
So I find myself waiting at the portal all day trying to find something else to do such as...

Extra large so it's easier to read.. you may have to click on it.. clicking on it enlarges it right?.. no? Well.. can't you see it some how?...god..

Well, I think this alliance chat was the funniest thing that has ever happened in about 1 month.
Well.. it was funny at the time ok... I was in tears from laughing...!!!


Anyways... I recently decided to stalk eka around while he took pictures for his blog, and ended up at a very VERY hated PQ of mine from destro, since they can't see what I'm saying on destro.. I finally got to tell those idiots what they should hear.

...Just thought I'd post this here.

Uh.... yeah.

But, finally, I eventually DID find some gutter runners to run around with, and as expected, they made my damage go up really high. Yay.

The chosen remained unresponsive.. DID I STABBY YOO TOO HERD!?!?!

Poll Results:
Samueljackson the Witch Hunter will hit 40 in...
a week: 12%
2 weeks: 25%
a month or more: 18%
The guy who made that Peter Pan picture.. god that was an amazing reference!!!!:  43%

I personally would say a month or more.. I'll get to 36 then say "MEHHHH nvrmind"

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  1. I am laughing so hard I'm crying... so you are *not* alone. Of course, no one ever gets my jokes so I'm not sure that's a good thing. The thing is that I can totally hear Taylene saying all of that in vent and it just sends me over the edge. That and the Marcellus Wallace comment.