Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WHOA! Lawts of cookies? Or none at all?

Ok, so the new tank crap gear was released today, along with a new stat that makes me feel happy, because I'll be invulnerable.  One of the questions I have, is am I going to look like a random hobo but be powerful like no other.  Or am I going to look like a demi-god but be about as good as sovereign.

My guess would be the first.  I'm going to look like a nice chunk of Khaine poo, but i'll have 4 conq WHs behind me and I'll be giggling all the way to Karl Franz.

Another thing I'm concerned about is PJDSALFJAOGUEWAHGA8^&!*@(@&
Sorry had a nice little breakdown just thinking about it, how freaking sad will it be when we farm for eleven hours. And we don't even have 1/100 of the things to by the arm piece for it.
I hope the skaven land PVPVE thing will have the answers to give me my new gear.

I also wonder how annoying it will be at 99-100 to grind for a week and be 5% in.
RR 79-80 was like 500k. 99-100 is going to be hell.

What does Mr. 'Zanek think of all this?
Look! It's our party dinosaur! He has a cake!
Well! Mr. 'Zanek seems to think it's a good idea, before I could ask him why he thought it was a good idea I got ported out of instance for afking while writing this post I forgot to!
Oh well, point being, mythic isn't giving us lawts of cookies.  They're giving us none at all, all at the same time they're milking our money. I bet the expansion is hella expensive. 

And now for poll results.

War RvR pack...
40% love it
5% think it's meh
35% hate it
20% Wha? RvR pack? I was to busy petting kittens



  1. Was over on Warpstone tonight and saw an in-game tip attributed to you. Gratz!

  2. Really?

    That's awesome!

    Thanks for lettin' me know Krosuss!!