Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Griffon: A guide on how to take care of your favorite pet evar

First off: Happy father's day to all who it applies to.

Hola! I decided not to use "hello" because it's an overused word, but I suppose 'Hola' would be overused as well if we went to Latin America or Spain or something. 
Anyways, I have recently discovered that I love the cute little bird dragon mount thing I ride on, and I've created a mastery guide on how to treat it well.

You've gotten your new Griffon!

He is 10 feet tall, weighs a ton and is waiting for you to give him love and attention.  Now because mounts are magic in this game, I really can't give you specifics.  But a good thing to do would be to rub his belly and then bring him to some water. Elf water is his favorite.

But don't put him too close to the water! Or he will disappear for some random reason because he is magic, and that is my only explanation for it.  Riding your mount can make it tired, be sure to take a rest every 9-10 hours. 

That is all.  I have no guide on your griffon, I am sorry, he is not complex at all.

PS: Someone said getting 10k dragon kills gives you a dragon mount, confirmation?



  1. Kai is another way to say Ok, In Cookie Language ;]

  2. Never seen a dragon mount... might get you a cloak.

  3. Tru! How could you pistol whip a poor, lone squig herder and feed him to that locust swarm of zerglings in High Pass?!

    You are no believer in Kitten Age. Good day sir.

    I said good day!

  4. I r sorry skitzy, just you look so pretty with your squiggy, and I get so jealous that I don't have a pet squig that I just have to pew pew. :-(

    And Cookie, I love your answer. That is now my answer, kai? (teehee)

    And werit, that makes me a sad tru. But where would you farm dragons anyway? o.O

  5. Killing 1k dragons does indeed get you a cloak (I'm fairly certain there are no mount unlocks in WAR). It's fairly plain but pretty cool looking. The texture looks like dragon skin and is red. But you can dye it if you like :)

    1k dragons tho. Gonna take some time!

  6. what game is this?

  7. warhammer online