Thursday, October 7, 2010

Proof that CSRs named after TV characters are disrespectful

Thehealeroftru, you have obviously gone beyond bored.  While I wait a week to line up my charging of my destro account to make my order account, I am doing the randomest stuff EVAR.
However, I thought this was pretty funny, based on all the "CSRs are rude" things.  Which TBH only had one problem of a CSR being disrespectful, and in all honesty I was in a bad mood that day, which means it probably was nothing at all.
I hope the small text is a bit easy to read.  So how is eating bacon today? Is it good? Is there a hairless cat that is distracting you?

I was gonna post about something else but my A.D.D. drew me to The Colbert Report for an hour. Now I forgot.
So enjoy reading that screenshot, no matter how boring it may be...

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