Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, I was gonna make a post yesterday explaining this but I had to much of a freaking time grinding 8 ranks (RANK 28 NOW!!)
No, because I'm going away for a few days. Til sunday to be exact. While I still have my laptop on which I play warhammer with me, I've tried to play there before. It's ridiculous to even TRY to play.  So much lag, SO MUCH.. SO MUCH..
So this will be my last post for this week unless I miraculously get wonderful connection, or even semi good connection.

Poll results: I'm making an order char! Tru you should make a...
Warrior priest: 3%
Archmage: 25%
engineer: 22%
Bright wizard: 11%
Hairless cats look awesome: 11%

Well as you know I already made my WP, but I guess I could try an AM some time.

See you guys next week or hopefully this week.


  1. Where is tru? that was my first question which you answered ^^ nearly rr64 on my dok!!!!!!!! Its getting crazy and the like o.0

    Finished ToVL boss 8 today first time :D:D:D:D

    It was EPIC!

    In other news, I saw you had a toon in Altdorfs First Legion i'm assuming on badlands, I was actually going 2 on 3 vs two warrior priests and a kotbs and myself and a friend on his dok, and we couldnt kill each other. Best fun I ever had, we waved and said our /bye's when we left.

    Although I actually stole their standard too xD It was fun.

    -- Killaheals (Oldrunnar)

  2. Sorry for late answer Old, was on vacation.

    Anyways, nice on finishedboss 8. Grats on 64 too. :D
    Yeah I have a WH in TAFL, but I never play him becuse I always get bad lag.