Monday, October 11, 2010


In the quest for 40, I've decided to make my very own WAR childrens story, so get the kids in here (Or not...don't)

Once upon a time, a long long time ago sometime this afternoon. Way back when Jersey Shore wasn't poisoning the minds of every child to watch TV.  Way back when Bill Gates was known as 'Bill Fence' I was questing (OMG, CHYEAH QUESTING) to try to rank up, when I came about some magic genie who kinda looked like Victoria Beckham during the Spice Girls era, and I asked...

He twirled his hand and punched my in the face and...

Yay.  And I was more excited than Tom Cruise on Oprah a few years ago (It was Oprah right? Aahh who cares, you all know what I'm talking about) Then...

And the damned genie beckham thing gave me my dok as my 40.  And this is not what I meant AT ALL.

Poll Results:
Should I keep adding Poll results in blog posts?
Yes, It's interesting: 33%
Meh, I don't care: 11%
No, It's a waste of Post space: 0%
No, we can check it ourselves: 5%
Hairless kittens are the best: 50%
33+11+5+50=who cares, not 100, you add it up.

It seems that Everyone likes hairless kittens... Ok ok I voted once for the hairless kittens, so not everyone.  But it looks like no one is annoyed by me posting these poll results along with the original blog post. 
That must mean one thing...



  1. Your blog makes me feel high. Which is a good thing because I enjoy being high. Very nice.

  2. The captcha for that last comment was hampot.... coincidence?