Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thehealeroftru's PQ palooza! (And something about Sarah Palin)

That's right, this week is PQ palooza (Whatever 'Palooza' means anyways, 'looza' kinds of sound like my 3 year old cousins way of saying 'loser' and 'pa' kinda sounds like... 'puh' so... what's puh... palooza... oh god, getting off subject again)
This afternoon. 
If PQs bore you, then you may do Orvr on one condition...

1. Follow condition two.
2. Follow condition two...being you may do Orvr

Wait that's two conditions?

Oh well.

Now, Sarah Palin.  The end.
HA fooled you, there was nothing about Sarah Palin!
But I got your attention down here, please viewahs, give a poor RR 80 dok a hand.
Yesterday I was gonna try to free trial of Fallen Earth (looked like a pretty cool game) and when I was DLing it, it overwrote all my frikkin warhammer folders and somehow deleted my vent, as well as all my addons.
I reinstalled them all, but theres one problem... I can log in once a day, if I log out, I can't seem to log back in for that day.  I click on the warhammer, it doesn't even get to the screen where you put in your username and password or anything, it just sits there for 10 minutes then gives me an error saying that it can't find a certain file.

"The patch client was unable to receive the file [] from the patch server (0 total errors encountered). Please try the patch operation again in a short while."

And I don't want to play once a day, because that'd make me sad, as a matter of fact, I think I might unsub from WAR then make an @ post on the forums accusing WAR of using Nerfed Buttons.
You know what, that sounds fun, I might actually accuse WAR of using Nerfed buttons sometime.  While I'm at it, I'm gonna send in a feedback that petitions for the "Master of Muffins" title for me...
Anyways, any help on that issue would be appreciated, even if you try, you still get a cookie.

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