Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Standing outside the gates of...tru..?

What have I spent today doing?  Waiting for Battle of Praag to pop and just.. sittin' by the gates of Altdorf saying hello to anyone who happens to appear.  I'm too lazy to move and go to IC or.. something, so I just sit here... waiting.. thinking about...

Nothing.  I usually just watch TV and watch family, now enough about me.

I now report I have seen so far today...
A magus, an engi, a witch elf, another dok, another dok, another dok, another dok, another dok, anoth-you get the point, an ironbreaker, a squig warrior, Mel Gibson, Gabriel Iglesias, oh wait, not the last two.
Anyhow.  Now that I've bored you with my gate standing, I'll need to say that Andy Belford advertised my blog. Even though he was probably paid by one of you (speak now, I know it!) he has givin' me a view more viewers probably.  Advertisement week or.. What did I call it? Whatever, it has so far been a success I guess, I haven't looked at my views, I'm too scared.
Way too scared.

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