Friday, September 24, 2010

Mythic's Eternal Citadel critically hits Thehealeroftru for 300 emblems.

Eternal Citadel, what a wonderful/terribad scenerio.

Pros: Lots of emblems/insigs in little time

Con: It's short, I don't get lots of heals, theres nothing to do, I can't even finish one cutscene of family guy before it's over, it's known to cause cancer in the state of california, it's known to cause corn failure in the state of nebraska, it's full of rr 80 premades, ect.

I mean look how short these times are.

GAH.  less than 3 minutes? Really? Really?
This is shorter than Paris Hilton's prison sentence. (and that was short)

4 minutes, I guess that's a bit better, still, really hating the stupid short times!!

When the SC is fun, you're winning 500 every time and farming emblems like no other.
When the SC is boring, you're losing by 500 every time and farming LESS emblems like no other.

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