Monday, September 27, 2010

I now present to you...I FOUND THE GREATEST ADDON EVAR!

I was bored, lookin on curse, and I found an addon that is now my favorite addon EVAR.


Please excuse the language, I was just testing what I could do with it. But seriously, HOW COOL IS THIS.  You can make it say whatever you want, and I can make it say something when the enemy has 90% health 20% health any % I want pretty much. 
You can even set multiple ones.
Example: 90% was the first screenshot, this one is a lower % and it says...

Again please excuse language, It's just a test, But seriously.  I love this addon almost as much as I love cookies and kittens.  This is certainly going on my favorite addon list (which I probably should make now that I mentioned it.)
I can tell I'm gonna have lots of fun with this addon.

You can make it so it alerts your health, an allies health, or an enemies health.

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