Monday, September 13, 2010

This blog is now unavailable in English: For options, press 6.

El blogo es ahora en... Korean...

I did /language 6 and changed the language to Korean, however I cannot get it to change back to english as the korean client doesn't recognize 'Language' sadly. 
I'll probably have to do something in the user interface to switch it back, who cares though, now when I get ganked I don't feel as sad because I can't read it, it's just cool symbols.

I suggest you try this yourself (Only if you know how to change it back at least)


  1. Makes the whole map look so oriental, like you're playing one of those old artial arts movies. Play a movie, yes, I know.

  2. Hope you get that fixed before you hit RR 80 ;)

  3. ............. Oh my god. Right before I hit 80, putting it in spanish, case closed.
    The end.

  4. Try /언어 0 or 1 (whatever English's number is) and you should be g2g.

    언어 should be language in Korean.

  5. Beakerz, forgot to say thank you, because it actually did work.