Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Deer of Kurnous is gettin' REALLY POed at people clicking on him.

I was in KV taking BOs for renown (I hit rr 79 yesterday, rr 80 here I come!)  and... so... The stag you're supposed to click on came by, and I clicked on him, and he turned and... started attacking me...
See that combat log?  I got attacked by the freaking stag, I thought animals loved me, I guess not.  I was healing myself for the duration of the BO timer, then when it ended I let it kill me to see what would happen.  Then the deer went after a Black Orc...

See?  (I got ressed) after I healed the BO the deer was like "I thought I killed yoo troo!" And he went back after me again, now that the BO timer was over, I ghetto ported to the warcamp by letting mr stag kill me.
He hit for a good 700 average. critted for 1200.  Sometimes hit for 500. and he critted the BO for 1700.
That is one crazy deer.  I warn all of you in KV to stay away from his grasps.  I even got a tell "Why is that deer attacking you"
I thought it was order attacking me at first, and I was like "WHAR ART THOU" and I couldn't find them.  So... yeah...

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