Monday, September 20, 2010

A story in Mount Bloodhorn of a mythical hero...

So.. In my PQ quest this week I stumbled upon a random Hero in a greenskin rebel camp in Mount Bloodhorn, so I start fighting him and HOLY MOTHER MUFFIN he hits me for 3700.  I'm like.. dang! That's a lot. So I was thinking it's a bug, as no t1 can survive a hit like that.  Today's post was originally gonna be a giant QQ bug report, but then I noticed something weird... 3700 was 1/2 of my total health of 7400.

Anyways, so I drink a wounds/healpower pot. Or is it wounds/willpower... meh doesn't matter, so I drink the wounds pot and sure enough, he hits me for 4000 instead of 3700, 1/2 of my health.

So, to bad I can't QQ.......I r pro at that.

OH, and on a sidenote, (no literally, a side note, because what I'm talking about is on the side....) I have a weekly Poll up, so you can voice your opinion (of the choices I give you, HA! This blog isn't a democracy!!! Wait what..?)
So, have fun, do those.
Another feature I did was at the bottom of the blog, you can now search my blog posts by tag

Blog Viewer: I care.. why?

Well, you don't I just need something to type in order to keep my life energy up.

Now do more PQs! (Or not...)

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