Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello again!  I know I promised something utterly stupid today, so I will give you something utterly stupid.  I'm here in reikland and trying to get renown right now, however there is no aao and in the past four hours of nonstop fighting, I've gotten 8% in renown.  Boo the poo hoo (what?).

No, this is not prejudice, I am american as a matter of fact.  But I expect I lose a viewer or ten, so to make it up, I'll post a picture of....

No? Still bad?  Well, let me hurry and change the subject.

WEEEEEEE, I found a fantastic place to heal today, well... I can't reach anyone, but it's still pretty good place to view the battle, sorta like in the civil war when people took picnics to watch battles.  Can you imagine that in today's world?  In Iraq you wouldn't be complaining about ants, you'd be complaining about scorpions, or spiders as big as your hand.  How terrible that would be.
Now, just SECONDS after I made the first screenshot, a wonderful conversation erupted, the culprit of the conversation?  A rank 15 zealot who was frustrated because he kept on dieing in a t4 zone.  Wonderful t4. Oh wonderful t4.

That's it for today!  Maybe.

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