Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haha! You know what's NOT funny...

Before I get to QQing, I must mention, the same instance I am going to QQ about, I hid for 5 minutes as the only champion left while order was beating on the king and thinking "WTF IS THE LAST CHAMP" then they found me.




is/are not funny.  Somehow before the king was killed, the champions bugged INTO our spawn point.  We respawn, we die, we respawn, we die.  It really sucked.
Also I still need my freaking 2nd set of sovereign, and I keep getting over rolled by rank 33s and stuff.

And I put up a new poll.  The results from last weeks poll were...
Keep Playing DoK - 26%

Play WH on Badlands - 6%

Play a sorc - 20%

Quit the game already scrub - 0% (thank god)

Uhh there needs to be a "?" not a period - 46%
46+20+6+26 = 98?

Blogger needs to L2P

So.  It seems I get to choose what I d because the last one won.

I dunno what I should play yet, I think it might be my sorc, I've been leveling him up and he's real fun :D

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