Sunday, September 5, 2010

Died in RvR? Nerfed Buttons is the cause.

So the biggest trend in WAR lately (Or atleast in Gorfang) is to accuse people of nerfed buttons. this would be me explaining to an old player returning, why everyone is so obsessed with Nerfed Buttons.

If a train leaves Chicago at 6:05 PM traveling 87 MPH and a train in Detroit leaves at 6:08 PM traveling at 92 MPH, why does the train from Chicago Make it first to New York?
Nerfed Buttons is OBVIOUSLY the answer to this particular question.  However the Springfield train will jump to the Chicago train's defense because he's played with him a trillion times, and even though he's never looked at his controls there is CERTAINLY no nerfed buttons there.

On gorfang the trend seems to be... Die in Orvr 1 v 1? Well, make an @ post exclaiming your anger, and in that same post mention nerfed buttons in one way or another.

"@Klurkk, DOOD yuu killed meh because I wuz afk, stop using nerfed buttons HAXOR"
Then usually a comment about their guild comes up so on so forth.

Gorfang definitely has giant epeen wars going on, so you on badlands say you have 6 v 6 premades? 
We on gorfang have 4 v 3 premades because some people count for more than one, as their epeen is as big as three people put together.

Oh right, nerfed buttons, well, A few months ago I DLed NB not to use it, but just to see what the hype was about.  I'm telling you, that thing is way confusing, after 5 minutes of trying to figure it out, I was just like "Forget it" and the uninstalled it.  I still have no clue EXACTLY what it does.  I'm pretty sure all of gorfang had the same experience as me.
"Nerfed buttons..why's the hype, lets DL and find out, *5 minute later* this is confusing...Because it's so complicated it must be a hacking type thing!"
or something along those lines.
Forum epeens colliding are enough, but when they happen in vent... it's quite another story. (Towards the end it gets bad)

Anyhow.  I'd like to mention  This is a blog from someone on my server, and to be truthful, I find it full of extremely interesting ideas.  Pretty sweet Ideas if you ask me... just thought I'd mention that.


  1. Lol thanks for the shout out. I feel mildly bad killing you so I try to emote you while doing it =P

  2. Emoting makes everything better!

    and keep up the posts on your blog :D