Monday, May 31, 2010

Faster City Plz

So, my night tonight pretty must consisted of...
Taco Bell
Mario Kart
An Apple.

There you have it. Byebyeuntiltomorrow.

Just kidding.  So my recent goal is to get at least 15% in renown per day, (Which if you stopped to think instead of reading on gives me about a renown rank each week) and I did that really fast today.  So, From 8 est all the way to 12 Est, I sat in random zones waiting for Order to push IC.  It started out of me afking in praag and playing mario kart, then when I was thinking "What the waffle is the deal with order" about an hour later, I found myself battling in Caledor being a retard and typing "YOM YOM YOM NOM NOM NOM MOAR RENOWN PLASE!" in region. Which I'm sure no one liked.
Then after the big order zerg wiped us I decided to be loyal to destro and retreat because the big bad zerg got here.  Then I waited til 12 Est in IC until push.

FINALLY I get in IC and I'm against a big zerg premade which wiped me over and over until I left cause I was tired and to make this post.

For most, it sounds like a boring night, but I actually enjoyed it, because I got 17% total today instead of 15%!!1!!!11!!!1!!!1111

Thanks to all the order that showed up for the fights, was really good rvr tonight.


  1. Sorry about your city siege. I luckily got grouped with the premade. How nice it is to have people that know WTF is going on.

    I didn't have to beg people to bypass the choke by taking the portal. We snuck behind, and wiped you guys, and easily took the objective.

    Once we bypassed that little choke you guys didn't know what to do. It works every time, but usually no one wants to listen to the strat. They would rather just keep running into the choke, and feeding you guys renown.

    It was fun being on the winning side, and seeing Norgoth give up, and run around naked. It was fun seeing him die over and over, and over.

    It still probably wasn't much fun for Destro being spawned camped, but aren't you guys able to use rally flags and bypass being camped?

    Anyways I was one of the two people who didnt get ported into the king area after stage 2. It sucked, but luckily my second city run was all order, and no destro. I easily won my gold bag in stage 3. I now have my second piece of sovereign.

  2. Sounds like a fun night. I do it aswell sometimes, just afk in zones about to lock while doing other things. It's kinda refreshing, especially if you can grab some renown while doing it!

    (not that I do it a lot, I'm not a regular mailbox guard) :P

  3. Yeah Klurkk, The only person who killed me that whole city seige was you, I died 2 times before I left and you got the killing blow both times. Grats on the sovereign btw!

  4. That is how I get my pleasure these days by killing fellow bloggers.