Thursday, May 20, 2010

New City Seige.

It wasn't bad.  It wasn't terrific.  Better than the old one.
So let me tell you my experience.
I log on hoping for a city seige, and what do you know Order is almost in IC. So I flaw to IC and wait right outside until I can enter.  That was my fatal mistake I now realize.  Right when the city opens I run in there and I'm in the 1st instance.  But my complete pug WB is up against a very Organized Premade. (Blitz? I think it was)
So after trying to start a conversation with Tchar'Zanek the instance started and we all slowly walked out (No really, we barely moved, we like...crept out) so I led the charge.  Eventually I let some choppa get in front of me. And so we run and we're feeling enthusiastic, then WTFOMG we get owned. Repeat process over and over until stage 2
So on stage 2 we followed around our guy, then order attacked and the stage 2 ended FAST. Then on to stage 3. I cannot tell you my jealousy when I saw those champions stomping out and just attacking everything in sight, I also cannot tell you my sadness when I saw Shyks and Eatr running at me as champions.  So, as fast as stage 2 ended, stage 3 ended just as abruptly.  Then I ragequit and went outside to play some basketball.
In all, it was a pretty fun idea but I still wanted to kick a dingo with getting wtfpwned the whole time.  Ow.

Here is the 69th screenshot in my archive, of lycithas or whatever his name is. This photo was taken just seconds before he was killed.

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  1. Yup bomber groups as champions will kill the new city faster than Britney Spears panties drop. Oh wait she doesn't wear any.