Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Producer's Letter


So, the beginning of the letter, alright... But it's the very last paragraph that everyone is "WTF"ing about.

"By 1.3.6 players will have the capability to play as both order and destro on the same server...We are aware of the possible downsides...significant lock out timer between realms."

Mythic wants the player opinion?

Me: Good idea, maybe.
Gaentin: Stupid
Dominateme: Looks like 1.3.6 is the end for me.
Uthrax: Junk
Yel: Life will go on
Laudine: Proof the game is failing
Ravashack: more step towards the slippery slope of death.

Not one good comment yet all day, even when I ask in region "Does anyone thing 1.3.6 is a good idea?" and I get no response. Comon Mythic, I know in the suggestions you see people saying we should play the same faction, but those people are usually rank 20s or trials.  Think of what your veteran community wants... You know, things like

New Lands
New Classes
100% Renown bonuses (Please)

If you go through will this, this will kill the game further.

Not like any Dev reads this blog, but someone spread this word that 1.3.6 cross-realming is a terrible idea.

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  1. Sorry I refuse any expansion that does not include pie.

    I also agree with the crossrealming bit. If they do it though, I hope they allow me to move my rr 60+ destro shaman here. I don't want to have to level again.