Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Flying Kittens of DOOM!!!!!!!

I made that title to make you click on it and read this.. Why I'm such a jerk, I dunno.  But since I have no post to make today of any interest to the public.  I will post something that is not of interest to the public, I will decide (for gorfang server) the best class of each career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!!1111!!1!

DoK: Barachiel for DPS, Fletchale for Heals
Blackguard: Shuguard
WE: Sakkura
Sorc: Not sure. Lytooya, maybe. Summery is pretty good too, can't think of any that jump out at this moment.

Archmage: Umm.. Erroneous
SW: Aethona, but she deleted her char. Sooooo Tuffett I guess
Swordmaster: I have a really good one at the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of the name.
WL: Tyraell

Chosen: Warspirits is pretty good
Mara: Burnsides or Gesler
Zealot: Arisechicken is the bestest EVAR
Magus: Keagen

KotBS: Phec
WH: Hyler, but he's gone, so rakija maybe
WP: None come to mind, I know theres quite a few good ones but my brain is on an overload for thinking
BW: Klurkk or Cauterized (I'm getting a fireball in the face for not mentioning some of you >_<)

BO: Babanim
Choppa: Not many come to mind, Kegnas or Icanhashobbits
Shaman: Uhhhh tablebottom
SH: Leroyshonuff or thesquiggerer

IB: Deer
Slayer: They all hurt, but tiddlywinks hurts the worst
RP: Jestor, legend is up and coming though
Engi: Gogo, he never plays it anymore though

Well, thanks to my guildies for helping me decide on a lot of the order ones.  Took me 1 hour.
Hope you enjoy this flying kitten of DOOM.


  1. I appreciate it, but in no way am I even close to the best BW on Gorfang. I am really not that great of a player. Most likely my name just comes to mind because of my blogging, twittering, and commenting on other blogs.

  2. You usually always get top dmg whenever I see you in SCs, and you seem to actually be a tactically BW instead of just running in and AoEing, you definitely deserve it.