Monday, May 3, 2010

Patches that have defined the way we play

How dull this game would be without the many patches introduced.

With the upcoming 1.3.5 patch (and the gamekiller 1.3.6 during the summer probably) I decided I'd go over each patch and point out the most used feature of that patch.  (Skipping 1.0.0)
1.0.1: The Auto-loot feature was added, there is almost no one that doesn't use this feature :-P
1.0.2: Added the "Join All" Queue button for SCs! I know I use this one every day.
1.0.3: /1 region chat.  One of the basics of what goes on in the game o.O
1.0.4: Dungeon scrolls which I use sometimes.
1.0.5: I only see fixes -_-
1.0.6: BGs and KotBS, duh.
1.1: Main Assist
1.1.1: New Flight Masters. (AND THE RUSSIAN LAUNCH =O =O =O)
1.1.2: Stabilty stuff....
1.2.0: Woo.. Lots of stuff but the main feature is launch of the Choppa and AA stacker career. (Thats..Slayer)
1.2.1: Keep upgrading for guilds.  That's very commonly used
1.3.0: Duh, Land of the dead.  That's an easy one :-P
1.3.0b: Holy poo, lots of balance stuff.
1.3.1: Extra route (the right side of keep) to the top of the keep.
1.3.2: Apprenticeship or the New user Journey, oh and advice chat along with t1 t2 t3 t4 chat.
1.3.3: Underdog and art effects. OOH PRETTY. Maybe even WAR report.
1.3.4: SC currency, and SC streamlining.

Lets see what 1.3.5 has to offer...


  1. AA Stacker is..misleading:
    WL, Slayer, Choppa, Disciple of Khaine..I'm not even sure if Witch Elves and Hunters don't stack aa.

    All are aa-stackers.

  2. True... But I /rage over slayers lol