Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I do when destro gets stomped in the city

Exploration FTW!! So, instead of staying at spawn and gettng wafflyroflstomped, I decided (to the dismay of my teammates and instance) run around and do freaking nothing.  I decided to take a picture from each stage and have great memories of pointlessness and WTFOMG AHHHH.

Stage one since I saw we were up against something that automatically meant "ow" I decided to do what Smother did. 
So, I stood there the whole god damn instance while some people were certainly thinking "What a scrub... Afking the city..." although this is sort of true while I was waiting, I must say that I finally got the pro rating in Wii Tennis.
Finally I saw the Sun Dragon rushing to the door and I was excited, turns out unlike in the screenshot of Smother, order does NOT flock to the Sun Dragon as previously thought, so I ran out and knocked over the 1 or 2 order just sitting there.  Luckily, I probably got the attention of the order camping my spawn camp because a whole bunch of order rushed over and tried to kill me, it took them about a minute or two due to jumping off the cliff and bouncing back up along with my continuous healing.  It was the best game of tag I have ever played with Order people. 

The next stage, stage 2, was one of interesting doors.  Everyone was all "FOLLOW CHOSEN ROFL" so I decided to follow Lycithas the Magus just to see what his route was like.  So he goes to the Library and I walk in and decide to walk to one of the rooms behind the Library.  So when I get to the door I click on it and OMFG I fall down.

So if you're ever in the area during a city flip, walk in the door on the left of the main room in the library and you will fall (Its also quite the sightseeing adventure, you can see inside the monolith as you fall, you know the place Lycithas actually resides in peacetime.)
After telling everyone in my instance about the door that leads to knowwhere and a reference to the Winchester House. The stage ended very quickly because Order was epic this instance.

Before this, I wanted more than anything to be a champion in the instance and I tried my hardest in the instances so maybe I can be chosen as a champion.  Turns out you must do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to become a champion, as I grew a million times as big and felt awesome for the 1st time.

The following I could not screenshot because it was so gory and graphic I could not believe it. We rushed in and I was typing in /sc "ALL CHAMPIONS TO PARTY 5" no one listened.  All the champions were in seperate parties and myself in party 5 all by myself.  I being a DoK am a gigantic target even when I'm not a giant, when I became a giant, even those order that never see me all of the sudden saw me and I had about 1/2 the server on me.  Needless to say I died a terrible and horrible death...
So soon after all the other champions died (Including the afk black orc) order bumrushed our spawn room and we died.  Oh, and a side note, before the champ instance started a few people were all "WTF WE DIDN'T GET IN THE INSTANCE WE GOT LOCKED OUT QQQQ QQ  Q Q QQQ" and all I could say was "I feel your pain"

I know the above must have been hard as hell to comprehend, but... get over it.

And that was today's city instance. In all I couldn't have had over 20k heals, all of those earned during champ status.

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