Sunday, May 23, 2010

He's Legendary

Legendaryheals that is....
Of course, destro can't enjoy his epicness as a zealot so we will need to suffer his epicness as a Rune Priest.
I have decided to make Legend my "Cheer Bomb" that means I /cheer spam so it loads up their screen and can't see the sweet lootz they're getting, so they become panicked causing them to stop healing and go after me in anger.  It's like taunt but funner.  In this certain screenshot I only have it on 5 times, but I guarantee you... You will see me filling up the whole screen.
One day.. One day...


  1. I don't even look at loot until the end of my gaming session unless it's a bag I opened. Most of my rolls are automatic, and just go straight in my bags if I win.

  2. won't work against you then, wah