Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pink for Tink

1st off, good luck to Tinkerhell.
2nd, I'm guessing some of you are thinking "wtf" right now. Shadowwar has a good story about a character playing on badlands named tinkerhell who is in her second bout of breast cancer. 
The support from badlands is ENORMOUS, I have a Witch Hunter on badlands and its just support all over the place and quite inspirational. Mythic has now made Dye vendors that give pink and purple dyes (which look like a darker pink) for breast cancer awareness I would presume.  Just the fact that Mythic has had the whole game community join in and support is just touching to me. 
I REALLY wish that Gorfang would do the same as Badlands,  I've tried to convince my guild, my server, my alliance to at least dye their gear Pink, and at please change last name to Pinkfortink.  As of now... I believe I am the only one even participating.
So, I am off to go, ahem, "Convert" (as a guildie called it) everyone I can see in sight and try to persuade them to give cause to support this.

Pink for Tink
Rosada Para Tink
الوردي لtink
Rose pour Tink
Pink für Tink
Розовый для Дзынь

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