Saturday, May 22, 2010

And then the vulture lord said...

I got my 1st chance to fight the last boss of tomb of the vulture lord today. (Today's post was originally gonna be a WTFOMGQQ post about how I d/ced during city, but my blood spilled all over the floor sounded more appealing)
So after spending 2 hours or so on boss 7, we finally made it to boss 8.  I really have nothing else to say about this boss except "ouch".  We didn't even get him below 80%.  So... the room was pretty cool......yeah, um... anyone find my spine, Vulture Lord said he'd return it as soon as he was finished cleaning his skeleton eyeholes.


  1. I never really have been a pve person, but when I did the PTS for ToVL way back when I was really impressed with the bosses, and rooms I saw.

    Some day when I get RR80, and get bored out of my mind I may actually check out the pve side of the game.

  2. Its really interesting and fun. But at times makes you want to pull all your hair out.